Starting his career at just a young age with “I Like It,” it’s been a long road for Sammie who most from this generation remember him Soulja Boy‘s “Kiss Me Through The Phone” and his self-titled sophomore album which featured his single, “You Should Be My Girl.” All grown up, the 30-year-old Floridian singer makes his return with his brand new album, Coming Of Age, released via EMPIRE Distribution.

Coming in with 13 tracks, Sammie is making peace with his past and addresses relationship issues, former management, and more.

Stream above and check out an excerpt from his interview with Vibe where he explain’s the album’s content below.

VIBE: Why did you want to address your infidelity on Coming of Age?
Sammie: It’s something that I’m not happy about. I don’t even like that I succumbed to that. My mom and father [broke up] because he was a bit of a ladies man. I love my father, but I’ve always tried to stray from that, so to fall short is disappointing as a man. And I’ve hurt amazing women, nothing was wrong with them, I just wasn’t ready. That’s why I’ve learned the importance of finding out who you really are without trying to build while you’re in love. That’s how you can hurt someone.

So the goal of this album is to humanize men in the eyes of women?

Women think we don’t feel because we don’t express it, or it’s looked at as not being masculine. But we talk about it amongst ourselves. I put those conversations in my music. That’s my niche: the transparency that my peers feel they’re too cool for.