In the city of Boston, some may that the town is too small to ever make something of yourself – so, they revert to moving to bigger cities like New York City or Los Angeles to make it. However, what they fail to understand is if you can’t get love in your own city, you’ll never make it anywhere.

Following the groundwork of BIACousin Stizz, Gio Dee, and several others, these artists have laid the foundation of their music career in the one city they know and love. Later moving to Los Angeles for business purposes, they’ve always returned home to show their city some love.

Joyner Lucas has also made a name for himself hailing from the central part of Massachusetts. After killing his part in the 2016 BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher, it’s been up for the Worcester naive ever since. Earning the respect of industry OGs while sparking conversation with his most controversial record yet, “I’m Not Racist,” Lucas doesn’t allow the spotlight to deter him from his long-term goals.

As these artists continue to lay the groundwork for those who come after them, here are twelve Massachusetts artists you should watch closely this year.




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