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On Monday, April 27, D’ussé Palooza host, Christopher “Chris Stylezz” Samuels, was accused of sexual assault and coercion by at least 17 women on social media. D’ussé Palooza is a popular part franchise that partnered by D’USSE and Roc Nation after seven years of operating under the name, Hennypalooza.

The Guys Next Door podcast photographer, Cheyenne “Chey Millz” Skyy, took to Twitter her unfortunate account with Samuels, where she stated that he tried to coerce her into having sex with him during a ride home after a party. During the ride home, Skyy realized that Samuels had not been driving to her house, but to his. After arriving to his home, Samuels tried numerous sexual advances toward Skyy and she denied. Samuels then became upset and walked out of his apartment, leading the photographer to Brooklyn street corner at 3 a.m. and leaving her stranded.

Chey the Shooter 📸 on Twitter

Imma only speak on my story ONE TIME. And i don’t give a FUCK what y’all got to say about it:

Following the release of Chey Millz’s story, many other women began to come forward on Twitter, with screenshots and DMs of conversations with Samuels, where he has taken unauthorized footage of having sex with women and threatened to released them.

Ms Octoburrr on Twitter

Omfggggggg this new entry is HORRIBLE! I really hate this nigga!

Ms Octoburrr on Twitter

10 years strong…..

Furthermore, D’ussé Palooza’s General Manager and [The] Joe Budden Podcast member, Rory Farrell, has also been accused of having prior knowledge of Samuels’ behavior. Farrell addressed the situation on the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, released Wednesday morning.

Venting with a Venti on Twitter

Rory was aware of the accusations on Christylezz prior to him being exposed today.

“My initial thoughts are with any woman who has been a victim in this. I pray you find peace in all actions that took place. I hear you,” said Farrell. From my point of view, that’s not behavior I condone, it’s not behavior I enable, it’s not behavior I’ve participated in or behavior I’ve even seen in my life and that’s my stance on that portion.”

You can listen below at the 7:19 mark:

Rory on Twitter

We had a really honest conversation, which was in real time, prior to his IG live bullshit, lets clear up any grey area right now … I don’t fuck with Chris nor his inexcusable actions with women, and my thoughts are only with them.

After three days of allegations, D’ussé Palooza severed ties with Samuels on Tuesday (Apr. 28) afternoon after launching an internal investigation.

Dusse Palooza on Twitter

After further consideration, we have decided to sever ties with the staff member who was initially put under internal investigation. Effective immediately, said staff member is no longer a part of the Palooza team and will not host any of our events going forward.

Samuels’ former colleagues have spoken out against the actions of the host:

Low on Twitter

I am extremely DISAPPOINTED with all the discoveries regarding the women who have attended our events. We will do everything in our power to reassure this IS a safe environment. No woman should ever be subjected to that type of behavior. EVER.

RAVEN B. on Twitter

Women should feel safe and never feel forced to do ANYTHING. What I learned yesterday left me completely disgusted, angry & blindsided. I’ve lost a friend. My heart is with the women affected by chris’s unacceptable behavior. Men can not coerce women. That needs to change.

Ryan Forever on Twitter

I’m shocked and appalled at what I’ve discovered over the past 30 hours. My heart goes out to all of the women affected. Women should never be made to feel unsafe, coerced or pressured to do anything they don’t want to do.

Following the franchise’s decision, Samuels went on Instagram Live to apologize for his disrespect towards women, but doesn’t admit to the allegations brought against him.

“I still can stand on what I did. I still can stand on disrespecting women. I still can stand on that I was wrong,” Samuels stated. “Rape? I’m not standing on that.”

frauds on Twitter

Sexual assault is a form of rape you Narcissistic pig. You used your local celebrity-ness and position to make these women feel like they have no other choice. THATS A CRIME. RIP IS RIGHT. @ChriStylezz gtfoh!!!! YOU PRESSURED THESE WOMEN WHICH IS A CRIME!!!!!!! #christylezz

No charges have been brought against Samuels at this time.



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