Five Artists To Look For & Listen To In 2017


I don’t really do these type of lists too often, but being that I love all five of these artists and want nothing but extra promotion for them, I thought, why not share this with the rest of the world? I hope your ears enjoy these choices as much as I do.

H.E.R (Having Everything Revealed)


Releasing H.E.R., Vol. 1 back in September, H.E.R. has garnered an audience with no promotion or a face. The mysterious woman’s voice is so angelic that you can’t help but try to put a face to a name; however, per RCA records, they’re not ready to release her identity just yet. In a way, this idea is genius because it shows the audience to just listen to the music instead of paying attention to the appearance of the person.

In an interview with LA Times, H.E.R. explained her first project being inspired by heartbreak over a toxic relationship. Not ready to reveal herself to the world just yet, H.E.R. is currently working on the second volume of her EP out in New York.

“I want it to be about the music — its honesty and realness. Everything is true to me. I want women to really feel how honest and vulnerable I am and to understand that they are not alone and that these are all human emotions,” she said. “I’ll reveal who I am in due time.”

Sources say H.E.R. is songstress Gabi Wilson, who came on the scene a couple years ago and came up with H.E.R. as a way of rebranding. She sure did a great job at executing this.

My Jam: Jungle


Are you surprised though? He’s no Bryson Tiller, that’s for sure but he’s set to make his mark in the Hip-Hop and R&B game. What is surprising is that Drake hasn’t reached out to him for a collaboration. Releasing his FREE 6LACK album back in November, 6LACK’s lead single “PRBLMS” has racked up 6.85 Million plays on Soundcloud.

My Jams (couldn’t pick just one): “Luving U,” “Rules” & “Free”

Audra The Rapper

Image via Cherry Collab/CHANDLER EASLEY

I initially wrote her off because she was on Sisterhood Of Hip Hop, but her Anti Love Songs project got me hooked. Anyone who collaborates with Janine and The Mixtape on a project is certainly dope in my book. The Brooklyn artist will remind you of Tink, but I’d say her music is more on the soulful side.

My Jam: “Sometimes”

Lonnie Moore

Image via Soundcloud

Hailing from Baltimore, MD artist Lonnie Moore is gearing up to release his EP sometime year. Though there isn’t much music to stream on his soundcloud, I can certainly see him making a splash in the industry this year.

My Jam: “Golden Child”


Image via Warner Bros. Records

Releasing his debut project Never Forget a couple months back, Portland singer TYuS has an old-school type of vibe in his music. He hasn’t been around long, but his Soundcloud is catching a lot of buzz these days. Pay attention to what moves he’ll be making in 2017.

My Jam: “Stay”