Gucci Mane & Lil Baby Team Up on New Single ‘Bluffin’



After sharing ‘Pissy‘ with Roddy Ricch and Nardo Wick last month, Gucci Mane returns with a new record called ‘Bluffin’ where he teams up with Lil Baby.

The record is scheduled to appear on his forthcoming album Breath of Fresh Air via Atlantic Records.

“Ever since, I guess November of when Dolph passed away and my artist Scarr passing away and Takeoff passing away and Pooh locked up and Foo locked up locked up, that’s why I kind of named my album A Breath of Fresh Air,” Gucci told Apple Music.

“I just, like I said, let me just try to be the person … I’m just not in the mood to hear a whole bunch of drilling and killing and this and that and not saying that I haven’t did that before, but just right now, just let me just kind of lead by example and show people that it is more to rap about than my opps and all that. You can rap about going out to eat with your girl or your wife. And that’s what all the songs are about. I’m not saying all about the same thing, but that’s what I’m kind of trying to get off. And a lot of artists I see rap about the pain in they life, but me through my career a lot of times I do a lot of rapping about cars and jewelry and just extravagance. So I kind of wanted to let people know that I go through pain. Like I said, I didn’t want to have a such so much just superficial topics. I hit people and let them know, “Hey, this was going on,” but it ain’t a bad thing. It’s okay to be happy. You know what I’m saying?”


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