Ishafromthe978 Returns With Sophomore Album ‘On Shuffle’



Lawrence’s very own musical prodigy, Ishafromthe978, is back with her anticipated sophomore album, On Shuffle. Following the success of her previous release, 9999, the Lawrence native is ready to take the music world by storm once again.

The album boasts 11 tracks with collaborations from a host of fellow Lawrence artists, including Wizz Dakota, Lieutenant, and 666deckard, as well as Boston native Stevielo. Together, they weave a mesmerizing tapestry of sounds that promises to captivate listeners from start to finish.

Behind the scenes, On Shuffle owes its sonic brilliance to a team of outstanding producers. The likes of PRODBYBAEZ, prodbyTY, Wizz Dakota, Neezy Beatz, 29 millions, and Sensei Goya contribute their immense talents, elevating the album to a level of musical sophistication that is simply unmatched.

True to its name, On Shuffle embraces a mix of genres, pushing the boundaries of conventional music. Ishafromthe978 explores an array of styles, including hip-hop, drill, hyphy music, and more. This approach reflects her commitment to breaking free from artistic constraints and delivering a fresh listening experience.

Earlier this year, Ishafromthe978 released the official music video for her single, “Faucet,” setting the stage for the album’s full unveiling.

Whether you’re a long-time supporter of Ishafromthe978 or a newcomer, this album promises something for everyone.

“i hope u guys enjoy this one because the stories behind the creation of each track hold a special place in my mind, heart & soul 💫” Ishafromthe978 shares. “kind reminder to never giv up & to always stay true to u no matter who tries to bring u down‼️hard work never goes unnoticed & u r not ur past! evolve and become the person you’ve always wanted to b without havin to prove it to anyone.”

Stream On Shuffle below.


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