As they continue to podcast from home, ItsLitBoston’s Sam, Sho and Wholesome Mike, are back another week for episode 146.

Joined by Austin Fair and Humbeats, the men talk about how quarantine has been affecting them, Austin Fair’s latest project, Pioneer, Humbeats’ production on the project, Massachusetts artists trying to adapt to other people’s styles, the lack of collaborations in the city, and much more.

Sam, Sho and Mike then switch gears and talk about the values in a relationship, first impressions, boundaries, social cues, and more.

Stream below.

Pioneer Sh*t Ft Austin Fair & Humbeats Episode 146

Listen to this episode from ItsLitBoston Podcast on Spotify. This week we talk to Austin Fair & Humbeats about the tape Pioneer and how it came and what else he has in store moving forward. The fellas discuss friendships and handling relationships.



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