It’s rare that we get a J. Cole so we appreciate what we can get.

While out in Los Angeles, the Dreamville rapper met up with Adam22 at BMX retail store OSS where the ended up in an in-depth conversation about religious views, secularism, Adam22’s not believing in God and J. Cole’s relationship with religion.

“It hit a point where I had to question it for the first time. I felt bad about it. I felt guilty,” he said. “For even having a negative thought about it. I went and got baptized, started reading The Bible, and I was scared as fuck. Then it hit a point in my life where I just fell off and said, I’ll let the answer come. As I got older, I felt like I got a personal understanding of what God is to me, a strong belief too.”

J. Cole and Adam22 also talked about XXXtentacion.

“Last year, I decided, ‘I gotta stop that shit. I have to allow myself to become a fan of whatever the fuck enters my life.’ Last year, when the kid got punched onstage, it was clearly big enough to come to my realm,” Cole told Adam22.

“That leads me to hear some of his shit. I was like, ‘Damn. This ni**a’s actually talented.'”