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Joe Budden Addresses Sexual Harassment Allegations From Former Joe Budden Network Host, Olivia Dope




Following the termination of Rory and Mal from The Joe Budden Podcast (and the now-former co-hosts’ response just a few days after), Joe Budden has continued to be in the news, as a former podcast host from the JB Network has accused Budden of sexual harassment.

Oliva Dope, formerly of the See The Thing Is.. podcast, took to Instagram a recount of the incidents with Budden that pushed her to leave the See The Thing Is.. podcast. The DJ stated that Budden made lude comments and sexually suggested remarks that made her feel extremely uncomfortable. Specifically on Episode 16 of the podcast, Dope explains an encounter with Budden, who was a guest on the show, where they gave each other an “on-air” hug, and Budden began to move his hips while hugging her. Throughout the episode, Budden made comments that he and Dope should sleep together.

Since the episode, Dope decided to leave the show altogether and battled with bringing this to light.

“I am here today, still uncomfortable, but I find the bravery to speak out on a very embarrassing situation,” said Dope. “On Jan. 18, 2021, Joe Budden sat in on a recording of the female-led podcast I was a part of and continuously made sexual, suggestive remarks to me that made me extremely uncomfortable as well as fearful of dampening the mood if I didn’t laugh along while he made those sexual remarks to me. Those moments not only live on the internet forever, it also forced me into the decision of quitting the podcast.”

astro tingz on Twitter: “When Olivia Dope said during the hug Joe Budden asked for, he was moving his hips I had to go see for myself.. and what the fuck. This is at the end of the podcast after making sexual comments about her throughout the episode. This is her boss??? I’d quit too pic.twitter.com/FS12BuiGVU / Twitter”

When Olivia Dope said during the hug Joe Budden asked for, he was moving his hips I had to go see for myself.. and what the fuck. This is at the end of the podcast after making sexual comments about her throughout the episode. This is her boss???

“Once I decided to quit, I informed my lawyer,” she concluded. “My lawyer got on the phone with his lawyer and informed that these are the reasons my client is leaving this network. I then informed my cast mates via text that I am not built for the Joe Budden network. No one responded in that moment and I was removed from the group chat. But I did speak to both of them a week after. Also, after my departure, Joe then went on his podcast and made this statement: ‘If I hire any women, I’m going to want to fuck them bitches.’””


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Budden has since issued an apology:

“As a podcaster, it is my job to address topics and create dialogue around them. During the conversation on the See, The Thing Is podcast I didn’t handle the topics with the sensitivity they deserved. I recognize my words and power in that situation created an upsetting environment for Olivia. Upon reflection, both the network and I take accountability for this.

I apologize sincerely to Olivia, her former co-hosts, our staff, and the public. In an effort to not further any trauma, the episode will be removed from all platforms. We support all women’s rights to feel comfortable and protected in the workplace. We fell short of that in this instance. We support Olivia in her quest to heal, applaud her for finding the strength to share her experience, and wish her the best in all her future endeavors. I am taking the time to listen and learn; we have already begun to make the necessary changes to ensure this is a safe environment for all moving forward. We at the network endeavor to continue to elevate Black women’s voices and create opportunities to have constructive conversations to impact change.”


Hit-Boy Back Working with Kanye West; Beef Is Over



Hit-Boy Back Working with Kanye West

Back in November, HS87 producer Hit-Boy revealed on the Rory & Mal podcast that he and Kanye West had a falling out and West tried to have him blacked balled from the industry.

“I haven’t been a fan of Kanye on a personal/ human level since he told me face to face he stopped picking my beats because I worked with Beyoncé,” Hit-Boy told Rory and Mal. “This is after I produced n*ggas in Paris , clique, and a myriad of other songs / projects for him and his label GOOD Music in the 2 years I was signed with them.”

However, Hit-Boy revealed today that he is officially back to working with Ye, presumably for DONDA 2. The producer was seen in the studio with him and The Game and was given production credit on Ye’s latest release, ‘Eazy.’

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Nicki Minaj’s Harassment Lawsuit Dropped



Nicki Minaj Kenneth Petty
Getty/Robert Kamau/GC Images

Jennifer Hough, the woman who was suing Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty for alleged harassment and intimidation in efforts to get her to recant her account that Petty sexually assaulted her, voluntarily dismissed her case against Minaj on Wednesday, January 12.

According to TMZ, there was no financial settlement that made Hough drop the case, however, Petty still remains a defendant, meaning the case against him is still active.

“The case was voluntarily dismissed as to Nicki in NY,” Hough’s attorney, Tyrone Blackburn said in a statement. “The case against Kenneth is ongoing. This does not mean that Nicki Minaj is in the clear. In fact, she’s probably in a worst position now than prior to when the case started. So, I would say, stay tuned.”

Petty was convicted of assaulting Hough in 1995 and served four years in prison. Hough spoke about the incident publicly on The Real, back in October.

Minaj has not addressed the dismissal, but tweeted a unicorn emoji in response to a tweet that quoted her verse on Tasha Cobb Leonard‘s 2017 release “I’m Getting Ready,” which read, “I don’t gotta talk the lord defends me.”

The Queen rapper’s attorney,  Judd Burstein, responded to the dismissal by e-mailing Hough’s lawyer.

“In my view, your conduct in pursuing this case against Nicki represents the worst of our legal system: bottom-feeding lawyers who pursue frivolous actions against a celebrity assuming that they will be paid off if they throw enough dirt.”

Judd continues, “You forced my client to spend over $300,000 in fees to defend a case which even my labradoodle, Gracie, could see was frivolous on both the facts and the law.”

Petty is to return to court in March for sentencing after accepting a plea deal back in August for failing to register as a sex offender in the state of California.

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Baby Blue Sentenced To 20 Months In Prison



Baby Blue pRETTY Ricky

Diamond “Baby Blue” Smith of Pretty Ricky has been sentenced to 20 months in prison after pleading guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud in August.

The sentencing comes as a result of the Florida rapper’s October 2020 arrest for filing fraudulent loan applications in order to receive funds from the Paycheck Protection Program. Baby Blue received a loan of $426,717, for his business Throwbackjersey.com LLC, and $708,065 for his other company, Blue Star Records LLC.

Receiving a total of $1.1 million, the rapper didn’t put the money towards his businesses. He instead used the money at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and purchased luxury items including a $96,000 Ferrari. The car was seized back in August when he was taken into custody. Baby Blue also admitted to falsifying documents.

In addition to his 20-month sentence, Baby Blue has been ordered to pay $1,111,345 in restitution and $1,134,782 in forfeiture.

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