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When Joe Budden announced that The Joe Budden Podcast would be leaving Spotify, many fans wondered the fate of the show as Budden was clear that he has turned down almost every deal that has come his way and the content produced under Spotify would be removed from the streaming platform as of Sept. 23.

However, all is not lost. Budden took to Instagram to announce the formation of The Joe Budden Network. Officially having creative control over his brand, Budden announced the first podcast under his network umbrella titled, “See, The Thing Is …,” hosted by singer and Love Hip Hop star Bridget Kelly, Whoreible Decisions podcaster Mandi and New York-based DJ, Olivia Dope.

“Starting October 6 and every Tuesday thereafter, you can hear these ladies talk their sh*t,” said Budden on Instagram. “I’m not sure what they’ll say because I’m staying out of women’s business, but they’re they’re bold, committed, opinionated and have a lot to say.”

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And NOW we get to have some fun…. I always say on the pod there are too many topics that we can’t and shouldn’t touch.. and that women get to have all the fun… So I’m extremely proud/eager to introduce our new podcast “See, The Thing Is” featuring Bridget Kelly, Mandi B and Olivia Dope. Bridget – You’re about to KILL in this space & im just happy i get to watch. Mandi – this is a long time coming for us.. you’ve already seen success in this space, but watch this… lol Olivia – I’ve always had a thing for Brooklyn girls 😭 (COMEDY STYLE!!) Starting 10/6 & every Tuesday thereafter you can hear these amazing ladies talk their shit (on most dsps), not sure what they’ll say because I’m staying outta women’s business lol… But they’re bold, committed, opinionated and have a lot to say…. Hopefully that wasn’t too mushy @seethethingispod @iambridgetkelly @fullcourtpumps @oliviadope @joebuddennetwork #YouCantScaleWithoutImpact #HandWoven #WatchMeWork @jnsilva

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According to Budden via episode 382 of The Joe Budden Podcast released Sept. 19, his podcast is on vacation and will also be returning Oct. 6.

Stay tuned to what’s to come for The Joe Budden Network.


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