Photo: Sharon Marrero

Revealing to the world last month that she was five months pregnant, Bay Area songstress Kehlani took to her Instagram Live yesterday that would be dropping a new mixtape, during a Q & A with her fans.

This will serve as Kehlani’s first project since her debut album, SweetSexySavage released back in 2017. Prior to her debut, Kehlani released two popular mixtapes: Cloud 19 (2014) and You Should Be Here (2015).

“Finished a tape. I’m clearly going through a very serious journey that is influencing my music, so the music that is going to come before that is fun and nice, yeah so I’m excited for that. I’m not making no more pop songs on you hoes. I’m over it. You’re not getting any pop records from me boy and if you do, just know it wasn’t my fault.”


Kehlani confirmed during her ig live that a mixtape is coming before her next album and that it is already in the last stages of production. She said that the new music is more mature and honest, and she is no longer making pop songs. THANK U, NEXT. ✨