mariah the scientist RIP

Almost a year since the release of her debut EP, MASTER, Mariah The Scientist, returns with the release of her new single, “RIP.”

Over the production of PrettyKimmy and K. Rain, it’s no secret that this record is about suicide. After dealing with a significant other that can’t even see what’s she’s going through or make her feel like she’s enough, the songstress figures that taking her life will help her escape from it all.

‘”Cause, ain’t no elevator/ Guess I’ll take the long way home. Call the operator, tell him to the roof I go/ And my momma is pager, Ain’t the type to leave a note/ ‘Cause it ain’t no use in running ’round/ When you work forty-eight floors,” she sings.

A feeling I know all too well, the record’s instrumental literally sounds like it’s crafted by a scientist.

Hopefully, Mariah the Scientist debut album drops later this year.

Stream “RIP” below.



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