#MASSMONDAYS: Feed The Family, 8 Zipp, B Blazo, Trottie Y Gizzle



Happy second Monday of 2022. I always say the first week of the New Year is a trial run and it’s really the second week where the grind starts. However, many artists have already begun marking their territory to kick off the first quarter.

FEED THE FAMILY dropped their first compilation project, while 8 Zipp, B Blazo and Trottie Y Gizzle make their respective returns. We love to see it!

Check out the first round of #MASSMONDAYS 2022 below.

8 Zipp – Blocked Call

If you know me personally, you know I’ve been waiting for new content from 8 Zipp for the longest and we finally got it. Being quiet for a little over a year, the rapper returns with his latest offering, “Blocked Call,” courtesy of JetpackTV.


Hooterville’s BoriRock, DunDealy, Shaykh Hanif and TOP HOOTER come together to deliver the 11-track effort, with production handled by Tremendiss. To set things off, the Hooterville conglomerate unleashes the official video to their record, ‘CONVERSATIONS WITH THE PLUG.’

I literally expected nothing less of amazing when I saw the cover art to FEED THE FAMILY. I have been under a rock the last few months so I didn’t see this project coming, but I’m glad it caught me by surprise. Stream the project here.

B Blazo – “Down Bad”

B Blazo is someone I’d like to hear more from in 2022. He released a few visuals in 2021 like “Kurt Cobain” and “Myself/Hate Love,” but it’d be dope to get a full project. In the meantime, he returns with his latest offering “Down Bad,” where he’s transparent about where’s his head been lately.

Stream below.

Trottie Y Gizzle Ft. TG Crippy – Jump Out Gang

Trottie Y Gizzle returns like he never left with his latest track, “Jump Out Gang.” Flipping Flo Rida‘s “Good Feeling” onto a drill beat with the help of TG Crippy, Y Gizzle is here to remind you that ain’t shit change – he still wants ALL the smoke and he’s tired of y’all 😂.

Stream below.

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