Max B

Having his 75 years cut to only 20 back in 2016, many fans have been waiting for the release of the wave, Max B.

Not letting the time affect him in any way, Biggavelli is gearing up to treat fans with a brand new album titled, Negro Spirituals. Previously featured on French Montana‘s “Hold On” and “Don’t Push,” Max B returns with his own solo effort, “Black and I’m Proud.”

“It’s about me really evolving as a person, evolving as an artist,” said Max in a statement. “My music five or six years ago — even before when I used to make music — it was good, but it lacked the experience I have today. The concept fell into my lap: I’m gonna transform from the old Max B into a powerful new artist with a display of content that they aren’t used to. I’m trying to give the people some substance.”

Stream “Black and I’m Proud” below.



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