Leven Kali Releases New Single ‘EVERYTHING I WANT’




Independent R&B artist Leven Kali just released his latest record ‘EVERYTHING I WANT,’ which he produced alongside Jonah Christian.

Everything I want
Lovin’ me like that
Never knew somethin’ like that, you’re
Everything I want (Yeah, everything I want)
Want you that bad
Wherever I go I’ll be right back (Yeah)

Don’t you just love a man who just cuts straight to the chase?

This record appears to be the follow-up to two other songs that he released: ‘LET IT RAIN’ and ‘EEK.’ 

‘LET IT RAIN’ has that upbeat funk factor that makes it impossible to sit still.

‘I’ma sing ’cause I’m free (Free)
This not a chain, it’s a piece (Piece)
You’ll never chain down me (No-oh)
I’m a boss not a beast (Oh-oh, oh-oh)’

‘EEK,’ on the other hand, serves as a reminder that some things really are too good to be true. As you feel the baseline deep within your chest, you’ll have no choice but to sit and think about all the sweet promises of love that turned out to be so hollow.

Although ‘EVERYTHING I WANT’ is his latest drop, it is listed as the first track of the collection on Spotify (which may or may not have been intentional). From ‘EVERYTHING I WANT,’ to ‘LET IT RAIN,’ and to ‘EEK,’ Kali goes from a consuming high to those drunken yet painfully sobering nights alone. 

Whichever queue you prefer, the beauty of this trifecta is that it is cyclical. You can choose your beginning: are you at the point of intoxicating admiration or are you ready to lighten up and let go? Maybe you’re just about ready to slide down the wall. Either way, Kali has the song for you! 


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