Noel Vasquez/Getty Images for Hennessy V.S

Fresh off the release of joint mixtape, ‘No Pressure‘ with Bino Rideaux, Nipsey Hussle announced his new partnership with Atlanta Records. With his long-awaited debut album Victory Lap set to drop at the top of 2018, his new deal with Atlantic will still include his independent label, All Money In LLC.

Check out an excerpt from Neighborhood Nip’s interview with Complex below:

Tell me about the Atlantic partnership.
Basically, it’s a strategic partnership to take the next steps with the Nipsey Hussle story. It’s between the company All Money In, which I’m a part owner in, and Atlantic Records for services of Nipsey Hussle.

It’s not a traditional artist to a label signing, you know what I mean? It’s more of us partnering with Atlantic and utilizing their specialties and their strengths to move what we’ve been doing to the next platform in terms of recognition, fan base, access to radio, access to retail, and utilize their staff, and tapping into a specialist.

So what is going on, music-wise? What’s the title of the record?
It’s called “Rap Niggas.” And the video we just shot out here in L.A. a couple weeks ago. The album is called Victory Lap. It’s gonna be the first release through the partnership with Atlantic.