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On Aug. 23, 2018, it was announced that The Joe Budden Podcast would be joining the digital streaming platform, Spotify.

Since the partnership began, Joe Budden, Rory and Mal exceeded the platform’s expectations, increasing audience reach to 900% with exclusive content – recording two episodes a week (which is only available to fans via Spotify premium), and providing visual content as well via Youtube.

However, Budden announced this past Wednesday (Aug. 26) that its two-year partnership would be coming to an end as he would not be renewing the podcast’s contract and is removing all of its content from the platform. During the three-hour episode titled, “Views From the SPOT,” Budden went in great detail about the podcast’s forthcoming departure, stating that Spotify was “pillaging” his audience.

“September 23rd, I cannot tell you where this podcast will be. But as it stands, I can tell you where it will not be, and that is Spotify,” said Budden.

Budden went into great detail about his treatment at Spotify, stating that the podcast never received a bonus for the reach brought to the platform nor were they able to take vacation days, including Christmas and New Year’s Eve because it would require them to miss two episodes.

“Spotify never cared about this podcast individually,” said Budden. “Spotify only cared about our contribution to the platform.”

Spotify has responded to Budden’s comments with the following statement: “It was our desire to keep Joe Budden on Spotify. As Joe referenced on his show, we made him a considerable offer — one that was significantly larger and many times the value of the existing agreement and reflective of the current market and size of his audience. Unfortunately, we could not come to terms and we respect his wishes to find a new home for his show.”

You can stream the episode below:


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