Tink Released From Deal with Timbaland



Gaining momentum back in 2014 with her record “Somebody” off her Winter’s Diary 2: Forever Yours mixtape, many saw Tink as a triple threat in the game – as she signed to Timbaland‘s Mosley Music Group and Epic Records that same year, things seemed promising for the Charlotte, NC native and award-winning producer. However, after going through a delay with her debut album Think Tink, which was originally slated for a July 2015 release, it never saw the light of day and Tink’s relationship with Timbaland started to become rocky.

“The album was actually finished. There was an intro, I had interludes.” Tink told The Fader. “It was [Timbaland’s] call to hold back on it, and I think, I want to say, for the benefit of the doubt, he did want to perfect it. But it was Tim’s call not to put it out.”

Mosley Music Group/Epic

After failing to chart her single, “Ratchet Commandments” and “Million” peaking at No. 38, Epic pulled out on supporting Think Tink and slashed Tink’s budget. Tink decided to go back to releasing mixtapes and dropped Winter’s Diary 3‘s in 2015 and Winter’s Diary 4 in 2016. Failing to reach commercial success, Tink started taking steps to getting out her deal with Timbaland’s Mosley Music Group and Epic Records.

“Being a woman you have to fight a whole lot harder for what you want,” she said. “It’s unfortunate. There’s nothing you can tell me that makes that make sense. I just know how it is, dealing with these execs, these male-dominated offices. We’re made to feel like we’re less than, or as if we’re not taking it as serious as some of the other guys. It’s really just egos. That’s it — it’s nothing more than egos.”

Tink was released from Mosley Music Group and Epic Records December 2017. As she starts working on the 5th installment of her Winter’s Diary series, Tink says she will not be releasing any music previously recorded with Timbaland and is starting from scratch.

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