8 Zipp & $hayBand$ No Longer Part of Shooterz Muzik; Shooterz Muzik’s Chilla Responds



Last week, Chose What The Future Brings (CTWFB) radio engaged in a conversation with rappers 8 Zipp and $hayBand$ to talk about what they’ve been up to since their last interview, upcoming plans for 2024, and more. Throughout the hour and a half podcast, CWTFB host Charlie inquired about the artists’ situation with Shooterz Muzik. 8 Zipp responded, “Kind of like we had this thing going on, but it was just like, man, you seen’t the fucking movies. It’s real simple, and you know what I mean? So I seen it, but I’m not gonna sit here and put whatever I have going on on me on any of them niggas. It ain’t about disconnecting. It’s just about, you know what I mean? Finding, like Shay said, our true potential, you feel me? And we’re always gonna scream where we at, but you know what I mean? It’s just like when you find shit out, there’s no way in the world you’re gonna play yourself.

$hayBand$ then chimed in, “Always know your worth, because it’s taught me that. So I know my worth, and I’m standing on it. Y’all can never feel like there’s a breakup with Shooterz Muzik because I played a major role in Shooterz Muzik. I am who I am to Shooterz Muzik. I’m first lady. If bitches feel like they First Lady in Boston, if bitches feel like they first lady in Mass, Bitch, you ain’t never First Lady. Bitch, I’m the first First Lady.”

Although some may still be confused about the sudden departure of the two artists, it ultimately came down to money. 8 Zipp and fellow ShooterzMuzik founder Chilla engaged in a back-and-forth regarding money owed to the label’s artists acquired from streaming services back in October. Chilla took to Instagram Stories to share his side of the story after CWTFB released footage from their latest interview.

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“I don’t do this to badmouth anybody,” 8 Zipp continued. “Especially somebody that I prayed for. Like I told you, for me to even speak about them purposefully, them people, I’m gon’ tell them just like this—you know what the fuck is going on. There’s no way in the world motherfucker say I’m wrong about going about something because I never put a nigga out there still. When you asking me a question, I’m still not gonna put a nigga out there because they know who the fuck they are and it’s never gonna be that way.”

Presumably independent for the time being, 8 Zipp is gearing up to release his next project, “Who Would’ve Thought,” on Friday, January 26, while $hayBand$ recently made an appearance on Rosewood Bape‘s Rose From Nothing LP cut, “Purfect.”

A year ago last week, 8 Zipp and $hayBand$ dropped their collaborative project, ‘Beauty and the Beast.’


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