Day 26 A New Day

Following the release of their 2014 project The Return, Day 26 temporarily disbanded and went off to release their own solo efforts until they felt they were in the right label situation to come back together. Marking their 10th-anniversary last year, all five members returned for a two-night anniversary concert in New York and made the announcement that they would be releasing a new project accompanied by their anniversary tour, A New Day. However, the title of their project would foreshadow obstacles that they didn’t see coming.

Earlier this year, Day 26 member Brian Angel announced that he would no longer be in the group and would be focusing more on his solo endeavors, resulting in the other four members making the decision to tour without him. Performing numerous sold-out shows since, Day 26 members showed that no obstacle would stop them from doing what they loved.
Originally scheduled for an August 26 release, marking their 11th anniversary, Day 26 had to delay their EP to make sure everything was just right. Doing just that, Willie, Mike, Que, and Robert return with their brand new EP, A New Day. Coming in with six tracks, Day 26 reminds us that they are the last of the dying breed when it comes to true R&B music.

Released through their label 826 boyz via Empire distribution, stream Day 26’s new EP A New Day below or download here.