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Dusty Locane & Kajun Waters Team Up On “-95 DEGREES” EP



On Thursday, Dusty Locane & Kajun Waters released their collaborative project, -95 DEGREES.

With 7 tracks, the project contains a lone feature from Fergie Baby.


Dusty Locane plead guilty back in December on two counts of criminal possession of a weapon stemming from 2019 and 2020. He turned himself in shortly after Thanksgiving to serve a mandatory minimum of one year with a maximum sentence of three years. “Been fightin [these] cases for damn near 4 [years],” he wrote in an Instagram caption. “Now I gotta go handle up ima take care of dis short bid n ima be bacc nine five times stronger ‼️”

-95 DEGREES is a follow-up to Dusty Locane’s December release, CATCH DA FLU.

Stream below.

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Rosemarie Cuts Deep With NEW Soulful EP, “ROCK PAPER SCISSORS”




Rising R&B star Rosemarie brings forth an emotional EP that is a fresh breath of realness we all needed as brings us through heartbreak and a journey of self worth packed into 8 tracks.

Rosemarie’s ROCK PAPER SCISSORSis an impressive and dynamic R&B EP that showcases the singer’s soaring vocals and bold songwriting skills. Throughout the eight-track collection, Rosemarie demonstrates her range and versatility as a vocalist, drawing comparisons to the likes of Keyshia Cole and Tammy Rivera.

From the opening notes of “Siren,” Rosemarie’s confident and powerful voice takes center stage, soaring over ambient instrumentation filled with a peaceful and melancholy guitar. Her delivery is full of attitude and swagger, reminiscent of Keyshia Cole’s signature vocal style. The song opens the EP with power and longing, using the opening notes to bring an anthem of isolation.

The lyricism is telling the story of a woman struggling within her own head and trying her best to stay afloat in a world that is “never what it seems” leaving the listeners to hear her cries for help from a distance. Setting a serious and moody tone for the rest of the project, Rosemarie does a phenomenal job conveying these emotions across the album. 

But while Rosemarie’s vocals may bear some similarities to Cole’s, she brings her own unique flair to the genre. Her voice is distinct and full of personality, with a rich and emotive quality that sets her apart from her contemporaries.

This is especially evident on the EP’s standout track, “Best 2 Out Of 3.” Here, Rosemarie showcases her range and emotional depth as a vocalist, singing with raw honesty about the pain of heartbreak and the struggle to move on and start over new. Singing on staying in a relationship and trying to work out the differences, brings a sense of relatability to the project. Her voice is vulnerable and haunting, drawing the listener in and holding them captive with each note.

On the 4th track, “Aprovecha,” the singer continues to impress with her sultry and seductive vocals. The song’s hypnotic beat and sensual melody are the perfect backdrop for her voice, which drips with a sense of danger and eroticism. Her vocals are both powerful and delicate, as she sings in Spanish about the thrill of a how being taken advantage of can take a dangerous and interesting turn. This is a wonderful background to the album, as it shows the artist’s background and explores Latin R&B and reggaetón elements.

But while Rosemarie’s vocals are undeniably impressive, it’s her songwriting skills that truly set her apart. Each track on “ROCK PAPER SCISSORS” is a masterclass in R&B songcraft, with lyrics that are both introspective and relatable.

On “Fake Love,” for example, Rosemarie sings about the irresistible pull of attraction, exploring the tension between desire and restraint. The song’s pulsing beat and her breathy vocals create an atmosphere of tension that perfectly captures the track’s theme. Focusing on the singer’s pain in losing her lover and realizing that no relationship is easy and in soul searching, finding the one is hard when there is so much fake love in the world.

Similarly, “What I Like” is a powerful anthem of self-love and empowerment, with the artist declaring her independence and refusing to settle for less than she deserves. Her vocals are fierce and unapologetic, embodying the strength and confidence of the song’s message.

Throughout “ROCK PAPER SCISSORS,” Rosemarie proves herself to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of R&B. While her vocals may bear some similarities to Keyshia Cole’s, she brings her own unique perspective and voice to the genre, crafting a collection of songs that are both timeless and timely.

In an era when so much of mainstream music feels generic and cookie-cutter, Rosemarie stands out as an artist with a clear and distinct voice. “ROCK PAPER SCISSORS” is a testament to her talent and creativity, and a must-listen for fans of R&B and soul music.

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Ebony Riley Releases New Visual ‘Deuce Deuce’



Ebony Riley Ebony EP

On Friday (Feb. 1), Detroit native and IMG Model Ebony Riley released her brand new EP, ebony.

To support the project’s release, the songstress formerly known as Riley Montana, releases a visual to the EP-cut, “Deuce Deuce.”

 “I just want people to feel heard and understood when they listen to my music,” she said. “I want to take people on a journey.”

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Ice Spice Releases Surprise EP ‘Like..?’ Feat. Lil Tjay



Ice Spice

As her career continues to take new heights, Ice Spice decides to drop a surprise EP titled, Like..?

With six tracks, Like..? is supported by previously released single ‘Munch’ and ‘In Ha Mood.’ Earlier this week, Ice Spice was spotted shooting a video to her upcoming single ‘Gangsta Boo,’ which sampled P. Diddy‘s ‘I Need A Girl, Pt. 2.’

However, Lil Tjay was arrested while en route to the shoot, out in the Bronx. According to ABC7 New York, four handguns were recovered from inside the Black Escalade that Lil Tjay and four other men were riding in. All five men were arrested and taken into custody. Lil Tjay has been charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

Not letting her outfit go to waste, Ice Spice decided to shoot a visual for ‘In Ha Mood’ instead.

Stream ‘Like..?’ below.

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