Kilynda Releases Her New Single ‘La Jefa’



Emerging artist Kilynda is making waves with her latest release, “La Jefa.”

“La Jefa” translates to “The Boss” in English, and the song truly lives up to its title. Kilynda showcases her confidence and determination as she asserts her dominance, particularly in the in the bedroom.

The song’s lyrics explore the theme of being dominant in the bedroom, delivering a bold and empowering message. Kilynda’s expressive vocals and commanding delivery further emphasize her ability to take charge and exude authority.

The infectious beats and catchy hooks make “La Jefa” an irresistible choice for both dance floors and personal playlists. Kilynda’s ability to seamlessly navigate these genres with ease demonstrates her versatility as an artist, captivating listeners with her musical prowess.

Stream the Kizomba-infused track below or watch the official video directed by Harvardseye above, and experience the electrifying presence of Kilynda as she confidently embraces her role as “La Jefa.”


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