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#MASSMONDAYS: $hayBand$, Kam’Geez, Messy Money Sav, Mulah Mitch, Greenup Yae, Reem Skully



MASS MONDAYS: $hayBand$, Kam'Geez, Messy Money Sav, Mulah Mitch, Greenup Yae, Reem Skully

It’s been a crazy two months, but a blessed two months. Lots of new music and as the summer continues, everyone is either preparing for numerous concerts and showcases or living their best lives. As for me on the other hand, I’m tired. I do not have Megan Thee Stallion knees and outside is expensive. Nonetheless, it’s a summer.

For #MASSMondays, we have Shooterz Muzik’s first lady $hayBand$ debut EP The Diamond Child and new visuals from Mulah Mitch, Kam’Geez, Messy Money Sav and Greenup Yae. Check it out below.

$hayBand$ – “The Diamond Child”

The Diamond Child EP $HAYBAND$

It’s exciting that $hayBand$ has dropped her debut EP, The Diamond Child. Though $hayBand$ has been known to provide a balance of bars that you can blast on your way to your corporate job, this time around she brings melodies you can listen to when you’re in your feelings or are ready to get in your bag. The 7-track EP features the previously released track “Distant,” and the fan-favorites (at least my favorites), “Wish Me Well” and “Change on Me.”

Stream below.

Kam’Geez – “Racks Coming In”


After dropping the record in May, Kam’Geez returns with the official video to the HoldUpJay-produced single, “Racks Coming In.”

Directed by M9 Arnold, the High-End Hustler gives us words of motivation while giving us tips on how to live the hustler lifestyle. The question is, can you keep up?

Messy Money Sav – “On A Crumb”

Messy Money Sav On A Crumb

Believe it or not, it’s been six months since Messy Money Sav dropped “Party.” The Rebel Mafia Global artist returns to heat the streets up with her latest effort, “On A Crumb.” Sav has always meant what she says on these records and has never been scared to call a fuck nigga.

Watch below.

Greenup Yae – “Top Floor”

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Though he’s relocated to Atlanta, Brockton will forever run through Greenup Yae‘s veins. Recently dropping his single “Top Floor,” the record, engineered by Tugga of Patchwerk Studios, is definitely a motivational banga. Greenup Yae certainly shows versatility in his flow and definitely got shmoney to be taking flights overseas, have a jeweler on speed dial all while living on the top floor ’cause I certainly can’t relate.

Check out the official video directed by Damien Aku and Luka NV below.

Mulah Mitch- Reloaded

Screen Shot 2021 07 19 at 4.41.26 PM

It’s Mulah Mitch, man. if you don’t fuck wit me, you’s a bitch, man.

One of my favorite records out right now. Mulah Mitch has never failed to deliver something heavy on a track. Though the record dropped last month, it’s one of the records that you can ride around to all year and it’ll never get old. It got one of those classic feels.

Watch below.

Reem Skully – “Get Away” (ft. BoriRock & Dun Dealy)

Screen Shot 2021 07 19 at 6.00.05 PM

A collaboration that makes sense. Reem Skully teams up with BoriRock & Dun Dealy over the Humbeats-produced track, “Get Away.” Serving as a follow-up to his remix over Cam’Ron‘s “Losin’ Weight & Glory,” the record is only a teaser on what we can expect on Reem Skully’s forthcoming 20-track project, PANDEMIC! The Mixtape.


Nancia’s Queenality: An Ode To Female Empowerment Through Musical Fusion



Nancia's Queenality: An Ode To Female Empowerment Through Musical Fusion
Jay Hunt

Nancia, a distinguished R&B songstress hailing from the vibrant city of Boston, has once again graced the music scene with her third studio album, “Queenality.” The accolades that precede her, including singing the National Anthem for major baseball teams like the Boston Red Sox and San Francisco Giants, highlight the tremendous respect she commands in the industry.

Nancia’s musical journey is punctuated by hits like “Get Low” and “Never Going Back,” which have become anthems for her devoted listeners. These tracks showcase her versatile musical creativity, offering a rich blend of sultry vocals. Gracing the music scene with her third studio album,”Queenality” emerges as a celebration of feminine strength, confidence, and allure. The album takes a bold stance in promoting the idea of women embracing their queen personalities, exuding confidence, and reveling in their sexiness. In her commitment to empowering women through music, Nancia brings together a stellar lineup of collaborators, including StarGyal Trippy, ExitFame, Yaya Gabbana, and Ariella Royale.

In this regal musical journey, “Queenality” skillfully weaves together the harmonious threads of R&B, Hip-Hop, and Latin sound, creating a fusion that mirrors the diverse facets of Nancia’s artistic expression. The album stands as a testament to her ability to navigate various genres seamlessly, delivering a sound that is both contemporary and timeless.

Collaborating with a cadre of talented artists, Nancia ensures that “Queenality” is not just an album but a collective expression of female strength and solidarity. Each track is an anthem, resonating with themes of confidence, sensuality, and unapologetic self-love. StarGyal Trippy, ExitFame, Yaya Gannana, and Ariella Royale add their unique voices to this empowering narrative, enriching the album with diverse perspectives and styles.

The infusion of Latin vibes adds an infectious rhythm to the mix, elevating the listening experience and inviting audiences to sink themselves in the vibrant world of “Queenality.” Nancia’s commitment to showcasing the multifaceted nature of femininity, from strength to sensuality, is reflected in the diverse range of sounds and emotions encapsulated within each track.

As “Queenality” takes its place in the musical landscape, Nancia invites listeners to join her on a journey of self-discovery, confidence, and unrestricted joy. This album not only cements Nancia’s position as a musical queen but also stands as a rallying cry for women everywhere to embrace their own queen personalities and revel in the richness of their individuality.

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Wave Capone Returns With New Video ‘Gangsta’



Wave Capone Returns New Video "Gangsta" miixtapechiick

Wave Capone stands out as one of Boston’s most versatile musical talents, effortlessly navigating between the realms of drill beats and conventional instrumentals. Regardless of the sonic landscape, Wave’s bars remain an anchor, providing listeners with authenticity and a relatable experience, which is notable in his latest effort, “Gangsta.”

The record is a a follow-up to his May’s release “MJB.”

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Annike Releases New Visual ‘Onto U’



Annike Releases New Visual 'Onto U' miixtapechiick

It’s been two years since we first encountered the enchanting Annike through her BTL Flee-assisted single, “See Me.” After a hiatus, the songstress is back, unveiling the official video for her latest masterpiece, “Onto U.” Under the direction of Santos Visions and Annike, the visual transports us to the early 2000s, where Annike lets her feelings be known to a man that has caught her attention. The video is a nostalgic blend of 2000s fashion, choreography, and more.

“My baby is finally out for everyone to hear,” she wrote in an Instagram caption upon the single’s October release. “Been 2 years since my last drop and it was a hell of a ride behind the scenes BUT some great music was made from it. excited to show y’all how much i’ve grown as an artist cause babyyyy this HEAT i got… u didn’t see coming.”

Watch Annike in ‘Onto U’ above.

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