Monique Comes for Charlamagne After He Gives Her Donkey of The Day


Last month, Charlagmagne Tha God gave Monique ‘Donkey Of The Day’ after she took a stand against streaming service Netflix, and asked fans to boycott with after being offered only $500,000 to do a comedy special when her other counterparts Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock and Amy Schumer have received up to $60 million for their specials.

Before the end of the week, Monique made sure she had time to come up to Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club to discuss her Netflix situation while her husband and manager Sidney Hicks stayed on the phone during the interview, to back her up.

“When you do a film and that’s called Almost Christmas and that film has a $17 million budget but it makes $45 million and then my sister Amy Schumer does a film called Snatched and that film makes $45 million but it has a budget of $42 million, now what’s the profit on that,” Monique states.

Throughout the interview, Monique defends her relevancy, continuously calls Charlamagne by his government name as she checks him for giving her Donkey of The Day, why she is fighting for equality, and much more.