New Singles: Muni Long Wishes Him Nothing But ‘Pain’




Earlier this morning, R&B songstress Muni Long released ‘Pain’! Now would be a good time to roll out your tissue boxes, your ice cream pints, your wine bottles, and whatever else is in your post- breakup toolbox.

When the break-up is still pretty fresh, there is always that burning eye-for-an-eye anger that plenty of people feel — especially after realizing that all of that affection was just a facade. “Feel what I feel what I felt what I felt” (one of her ending ad-libs) really hits the nail on the head with regard to wanting your ex to experience the same pain that they caused.

“Now I done tried to keep it kosher
Keep my petty low
Don’t play with me, don’t play with me
‘Fore I put on a show
I’ll wake this whole neighborhood up
I’ll make a n-gga wish he woulda
Loved me better, treat me gooder
When all I wanted was forever”

Sometimes, the picture frame was broken from the beginning. In those moments, it feels like the only solution is a tit for tat. If your feelings of disdain are that deep, best believe that Muni’s got you covered with this new single.

Stream ‘Pain‘ below!


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