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New Music: Chlöe Drops Pop Single ‘Treat Me’

Two days ago, singer and actress Chlöe dropped her newest single ‘Treat Me.’ This is the first record since her summer hit ‘Have Mercy.’

‘Treat Me’ it’s the perfect pop song! She’s already garnered millions of streams across all streaming platforms. 

“Treat me like I treat me:” To preface, this song is a bit reminiscent of the advice that many young women have received on dating and relationships. You know — to set the precedent: be everything you want in a partner so that when it’s time for a relationship, your standards and expectations are cemented. When we give back to ourselves, the next prospect is just a runner-up! 

“You know you’d go broke tryna handle me
Take it from someone who know how to handle me
I’ma need that real grown kinda energy, uh
Do you know? Do you know?
‘Cause you’re dealing with a lotta competition
“You’re gonna have to do a lotta ass-kissing
You know I got someone with the time to listen
Tell me boy, do you know? Do you know?”

Considering the high energy put into ‘Have Mercy’ and now ‘Treat Me,’ the singer seems to be crossing into the dance-pop music scene!

She also released a music video on the night of the single’s release. In the video, she shows off her physique with fishnets, leather, and diamonds galore!

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