Nicki Minaj has raised quite a few eyebrows today, following the release of her Elle Magazine cover story.

Just a day after Meek Mill‘s request to have Judge Brinkley removed from his case was denied, Minaj’s interview with Elle has been released.

Covering the July issue, Nicki Minaj was asked about her thoughts on Meek Mill’s case, views on the judge, and where she thinks Meek Mill’s freedom stands.

“I wouldn’t wish that on anybody,” Nicki states after hearing the news of Meek’s bail denial back in April. “But I’m also not gonna bad-mouth a judge who…because anything I say stays on the record.”

Just when the interviewer was about to move on, Nicki continued to side with Judge Brinkley.

“I know that when I went there pleading for his freedom, I know that she”—Judge Brinkley—”spoke to me and was very sweet and maternal, and we both cried in her chambers, and she gave him another chance,” Nicki says. “So I don’t know what’s going on.”

These comments come after Meek Mill’s lawyer, Joe Tacopina, stated to various outlets how inappropriate Common Pleas Judge Genece Brinkley has been, making this situation a personal vendetta against Meek Mill. Judge Genece Brinkley was accused of making the request that Meek Mill re-record a famous Philadelphia pop band, Boyz II Men’s song “On Bended Knee,” in dedication to her, after his 2 – 4-year sentencing back in November of 2017.

Meek Mill was released on Apri 24th, 2018 following a decision made by the Supreme Court of Philadelphia, overruling Judge Genece Brinkley.