Watch the Replay of Soulja Boy vs. Bow Wow ‘VERZUZ’ Battle



Saturday night, we saw a battle of the Millenials as Soulja Boy vs. Bow Wow took the VERZUZ stage to prove who had the 2000s on lock.

With DJ Carisma and DJ Jus on the turntables at The Venue in Los Angeles, Soulja Boy made it clear that he was the trendsetter for a lot of artists’ formulas whether it’s singing and rapping at the same time or garnering fame via Youtube and Myspace.

On the other hand, Bow Wow held down the early 2000s, being dubbed as Mr. 106 and Park, and even making the ladies go crazy during The Scream Tour concert series. Even during Soulja Boy’s reign, Bow Wow released his album The Price of Fame where he talked subliminally talked about his highly publicised relationship with Ciara on “Outta My System,” as well as his Chris Brown-assisted single, “Shortie Like Mine.” & his prior album, Wanted, which spawned the singles “Let Me Hold You” and the Ciara-assisted single, “Like You.”

Soulja Boy played hits like ‘She Make It Clap’, ‘Turn My Swag On’, ‘Kiss Me Thru The Phone’, ‘Pretty Boy Swag’, ‘Gucci Bandana’, ‘Let Me Get Em;’, ‘Donk’, ‘Crank That’, ‘LOL :)’ and more while Bow Wow responded with ‘Bounce with me’, ‘I’m a Flirt’, ‘Let’s Get Down’, ‘Girlfriend’, ‘Take ya Home’, ‘Fresh Azimiz’, and more.

Who took The Millineum crown?

Watch above.

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