Cash Gotti Says BIA Allegedly Wasn’t Paying Rent



Gabe Garza*

On a brand new episode of Choose What The Future Brings (CWTFB) podcast, Stripelife’s Cash Gotti revealed that he isn’t particularly fond of BIA after she allegedly lied on his name. According to the “House Keys” artist, BIA and her boyfriend reportedly did not pay rent for months and got evicted.

“Her and her man was staying at my man’s crib in Hollywood,” Gotti began. “Penthouse – cost 6500 a month, you feel me? I guess homie was already living there for like six months or whatever. He was doing his thing, paying his money or whatever. Nobody knew she was living with this n-gga. This n-gga stopped paying rent for like two and a half months.”

“My mans call me like, ‘This n-gga in my crib not tryna leave, not tryna pay the rent. And he talking on gangsta timing.’ Who gets tough with their landlord?” he continued. “Like, ‘I ain’t going nowhere, you gon’ have to drag me out’ – that type of shit. Shorty and her man got evicted; had to get out of there.”

“They were supposed to vacate the premises. Next day, I’m getting a whole bunch of calls. ‘Why is n-ggas saying you robbed this girl?’ Long story short, she running around with my name in her mouth talking like oh, I did all types of different things when you wasn’t paying your rent.”


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