Last night, HBO aired a new episode of Lebron James’ The Shop. Providing a barbershop atmosphere onto TV screens, the new show featured a one on one interview with Drake alongside James’ business partner Maverick Carter.

Discussing an array of topics, Drake addressed the elephant of the room – opening up about his beef with Kanye West and Pusha T. Starting with Kanye West, Drake gave the rundown of West’s ploy to ruin him after he had opened up to him about his son and the then forthcoming releasing his album, Scorpion.

“I ended up linking with ‘Ye and he sold me on this whole speech of like, I’m in a great place, I’m making money, I’m a father, and I wanna be Quincy Jones and help you, but in order to do that you gotta be transparent with me, and you gotta play me your music, and you gotta tell me when you’re dropping,” said Drake. “I was in the studio. We all kinda felt a genuine vibe from it. I played him my music. And I told him when I was dropping.”

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Drake vs Kanye West & Pusha T as told by Drake

Drake says things were going well until West had invited him and 40 to Wyoming, which soon turned into something they never saw coming.

“40 went to Wyoming early. He was like, ‘Man, I’m here a day early. Something’s off. This guy’s working on an album.’ And I was like, ‘For real?’ He just told me he wanted to give me beats. He said he wasn’t dropping until like October or November. It’s all good. Let’s just see what it’s about. So I went and ended up pretty much spending the majority of my time working on his music, just tryna cook up ideas for him. Just trying to lend a helping hand. I spent all my time pretty much working on his stuff. I left Wyoming and I was like, ‘We left with ‘Lift Yourself’ and a pat on the back.’ I’ll try and make the most of this and hopefully, he sends some other things through.”

Following their trip to Wyoming, it was later announced that the G.O.O.D. Music would be releasing a slew of albums surrounded Drake’s Scorpion release date, June 15th. With Pusha T first up with his Daytona release, Drake was upset with West for trolling him and producing Pusha T’s diss track, “Infrared.”

“…Then the first album drops and of course, there’s a diss song towards me that you produced that’s talking about writing. I was just there with you as friends helping you and now you’re dissing me. This is dark. It took me four days to really register what had happened.”

Drake then goes into detail about Pusha T’s “The Story of Adidon” and how bringing up 40’s MS diseases was going too far.

“People love to say, like rap purists and people who just love confrontation, ‘Man, there’s no rules in this shit.’ But there are fucking rules in this shit. I knew something was gonna come up about my kid. They had to add the deadbeat thing to make it more appealing. The mom and dad thing, whatever you don’t even know my family. But I’ma tell you. Wishing death on my friend who has MS—I study rap battles for a living. When you mention defenseless people who are sick, in the hospital, that passed away, that really sent me to a place where I just believed then and believed now that there’s a price you have to pay for that. It’s over. Someone’s gonna punch you in the fucking face. The shit’s done. The event’s over. I wanted to do other things. I didn’t wanna further your reputation or your career by rapping back at you and having this exchange.”