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Gucci Mane’s Wife Keyshia Ka’Oir Refutes Claims That He Didn’t Contribute to Big Scarr’s Funeral



Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka'Oir

Over the weekend, Big Scarr‘s close friend and frequent collaborator Quezz Ruthless accused Gucci Mane of ghosting Big Scarr’s family after promising to pay for the funeral arrangements.

Big Scarr passed away last month after an accidental overdose on prescription pills at his girlfriend’s house in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee on Dec. 22. He was signed to Gucci Mane‘s New 1017 Records.

“You say to them you finna pay for the funeral, then you lie,” Quezz said during an Instagram Live. “You didn’t have to lie! You ain’t have to go ghost either, cuh. It was gonna get paid for either way. You could’ve just said you ain’t have the money. You don’t get no type of respect for that, cuh.”

He continued with: “The minute that them folks called yo phone to see if you gon’ pay for the funeral, you blocked them. That’s not real, cuh. You ain’t straight. You only trying to act all real. You posted Scarr talking ’bout some long live — bruh, you ain’t do nothing, cuh.

Gucci Mane reportedly couldn’t attend the funeral due to his wife’s birthday. “When they texted you and asked you about Scarr’s funeral, cuh, you told them folks that Keyshia’s birthday coming up. Man, y’all rich! Y’all can celebrate her birthday any day. Come on now, cuh.”

Scarr’s sister also went on social media to further claims that Gucci Mane not only ghosted them, but asked for Scarr’s 1017 chain back. However, Gucci Mane’s wife, Keyshia Ka’Oir, got on social media to back up her and come with receipts, literally. She took to Instagram Stories two receipts, both in the amount of $10,000 to cover funeral costs.

Gucci Mane, himself, has not yet responded to the allegations.


NBA YoungBoy Arrested in Utah: Facing Charges Ranging from Drug Offenses to Identity Fraud



NBA YoungBoy Arrested in Utah- Facing Charges Ranging from Drug Offenses to Identity Fraud miixtapechiick

NBA YoungBoy, also known as YoungBoy Never Broke Again, has found himself in legal trouble once again as he was apprehended on Tuesday, Apr. 16, in Utah. The charges against him span a range of offenses, from identity fraud and forgery to multiple drug-related charges.

According to records from the Cache County Sheriff’s Office, the charges, which originated from his hometown in Louisiana, include patterns of unlawful activity, attempts to obtain drugs, identity fraud, forgery, possession of controlled substances, and possession of a dangerous weapon. At the time of his arrest, NBA YoungBoy, born Kentrell Gaulden, was under house arrest in Utah.

NBA YoungBoy Arrested in Utah Facing Charges Ranging from Drug Offenses to Identity Fraud

In October 2022, YoungBoy Never Broke Again was granted bond by Louisiana Chief U.S. District Judge Shelly Dick after being arrested in March 2022. He had been placed in FBI custody due to an outstanding warrant related to drug and weapons charges from a September 2020 arrest in Baton Rouge, where he was filming a music video.

Last month, NBA YoungBoy released his seventh studio project, titled “Compliments Of Gravedigger Mountain,” featuring 13 tracks. Notably, this marks his thirteenth project in the past two years alone.

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Gunna Announces New Album ‘One of Wun’



Gunna Announces New Album ‘One of Wun’ miixtapechiick

Gunna has announced the release of his new album, “One of Wun.”

The cover art, created by Calvin Clausell Jr. with creative direction by Spike Jordan of The Genius Club and art direction/design by Tal Midyan, was unveiled to accompany the announcement on socials. While no release date has been specified, the album is now available for pre-order, including physical copies.

The album will be distributed by Young Stoner Records/300 Entertainment.

One of Wun
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BIA Disses Cardi B on Dreezy’s ‘B**ch Duh Remix’



BIA Disses Cardi B on Dreezy's 'B**ch Duh Remix' miixtapechiick

BIA took aim at Cardi B on Dreezy‘s ‘B**ch Duh Remix,’ despite denying any issues between them just last month.

The track, dropped last Friday and featuring Lakeyah, KenTheMan, and BIA, subtly throws shade at Cardi B, adding to the speculation of a brewing feud. This started when Cardi B released her “Like What (freestyle),” sampling Missy Elliott‘s 1999 single, “She’s A B***h.” BIA responded to fans, noting similarities to her own track, “I’m That B***h,” featuring Timbaland, which also sampled the same record. This escalated further when Cardi B teased her new track, “Enough (Miami),” leading fans to draw parallels to BIA’s 2023 ‘REALLY HER‘ EP single, “Fallback.”

The visuals for Cardi’s new release bear resemblances to BIA’s “Millions.”

In her verse on ‘B**ch Duh Remix,’ BIA fired shots with lines like, “I hear b***hes poppin’ sh*t and that’s so funny to me/ How you say you runnin’ down but you can’t walk on the beat?” referencing Cardi’s struggle to catch the beat on an unreleased version of Ice Spice’s “Munch” remix.

“I did a thing for Ice Spice, but I did not like how it sounded,” Cardi admitted in an interview with Speedy Mormon last month. “I can’t catch the beat for sh*t. Doing drill music is not as easy as it looks.”

BIA also threw in, “I can never turn my phone on just to cry on a live/ I hate a sneaky n***a, pick a side/ If you wanna get up with me, tell that b***h that we outside,” possibly alluding to Cardi B’s emotional Instagram Live in December addressing rumors of her partner’s infidelity with Chrisean Rock which led to their separation.

Is BIA dissing Cardi B? Stream here.

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