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Here Are 17 Artists From Boston You Should Listen To On 6/17



With June 17th also representing the area code to Boston, Ma. (617), I’ve decided to put together a list of 17 songs and projects that have been released within the past six months that you should listen to by artists coming out of the city, in no particular order.

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17. BJ

Twitter: @youaintwavyy, @patdespage

Record: ‘Fine Wine’ ft. Notebook P

Building his name in the city, BJ released a record that is to last throughout the summer. With a dancehall-infused instrumental, BJ links up to Notebook P to serenade his love and let her know just how amazing his girl really is.

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16. Reem Skully

Twitter: @ReemSkully

Song: Airplane Mode

With a lot of things on his mind, Reem Skully decided to put his phone on Airplane Mode and let his pen flow. Spittin’ over Drake‘s More Life LP-cut, “Do Not Disturb,” the Boston rapper talks about slew of topics including being tired of records about lean, rappers being a facade, the stressors of being an adult and much more.

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15. Prince Smooth

Twitter: @Prince_Smooth

Song: ‘The 2 Stacks Story’ Ft. Dutchy DoBad

Aspiring to get out the street life, Prince Smooth tells a story we all know to well. With the help of Dutchy DoBad on the hook, Smooth has to make a decision of becoming legit and losing friends or staying in the streets with the chance of risking it all.

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14. Kyle Bent

Instagram: @IamKyleBent

Song: ‘6 Feet’

The perfect record for any playlist, Kyle Bent‘s “6 Feet” finds the Randolph native in his bag. Refusing to take a break until he’s six feet unfer, the rapper isn’t for the fake shit and wants you to stay out his way if you’re gonna ruin his work ethic.

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13. L0rd Ju

Record: I Will Not Flop

L0rd Ju debuted her rap career with a freestyle over Plies‘ “Rock” earlier this month. Retitling the record, “I Will Not Flop,” L0rd Ju came ou the gate firing shots to anyone who believed that she could ride a beat. More than just a pretty face, L0rd Ju is dedicated to showing you just how lethal her bars really are.

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12. Fasscoupe

Project: Hood Mascot

Twitter: @CenoAfterCeno @Fasscoupe_TCE

Releasing their debut project back in 2016, Fasscoupe has laid enough groundwork in the city to branch out and make a name for themselves all over the world. Currently embarking on the Mony Powr Rspt Tour along with 1017’s Hoodrich Pablo Juan, Yung Mal & Lil Quill, Fasscoupe continues to stay true to their sound and lifestyle with their latest project, Hood Mascot. With features from Uncle Murda, Bia, Lil Baby, Duke, Jose Guapo, Tracy T & Hoodrich Pablo Juan, stream the bass thumpin’ 9-track body of work below.

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11. Wizz Dakota

Instagram: @wizzdakota

Song: ‘Could Be Better’

Project: Veintiséis EP

Boston producer/rapper Wizz Dakota is a staple in the Boston music scene. Though it’s unbelieveable that he isn’t signed to a major label, Dakota is well on his way (I give it another year).

Releasing his Veintiséis EP last month, Wiz Dakota followed up with a new record titled, “Could Be Better.” Thinking about the state of his life, Dakota counts his blessings, but knows deep down that things could be better.

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10. Spook Sleeezyyy

Instagram: sleeezyyy___

Song: We Ball

I don’t know what it is about Spook Sleeezyyy that keeps me tuned in. Maybe it’s his transperency. From being a father to being home after serving time, Sleeezyyy is always honest about what he’s going through and lays it all out on the track for world to listen. Excited to hear what he’ll deliver on his forthcoming Welcome To My Jungle mixtape.

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9. Vanni & Cash Rari

Project: ‘No Ballads From The Trap’

Released on Valentine’s Day, Vanni & Cash Rari’s No Ballads From The Trap is still receiving a good amount of plays as the weather starts to warm up. Battling between love and the street life, the duo is at crossroads in their lives and will reveal the outcomes on their solo projects scheduled to drop later this year.

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8. Dutchy DoBad

Twitter: @Dutchy_DoBad

Song: ‘More Hate’ (Fashion Remix)

Taking on Jay Critch & Rich The Kid’s “Fashion” record, Dutchy DoBad is focused on getting the bag with time and focus. Mirroring the -produced track, Dutchy add his own swag to the record and is only thinking about his next move.

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7. Plad Finesse


Song: ‘Zebra Print’

PLAD Fine$$e has build quite the following in the city of Boston and is only getting started. Don’t let his turn up music fool you. PLAD Fine$$e is a student of the game and is a stickler for quality lyrics despite his high charisma.

In an interview, the Boston native described just how important lyrics are to him.

“Writing is important to me, but I take pride in all aspects of my music. I’d like to learn how to produce music too. I was rapping since I was like 13 but Joey’s 1999 is what made me take rapping seriously. My freshman year. I used to only rap on boom-bap beats because that’s how much he influenced me. Around the time I created “That’s Finesse,” I was trying to find myself and what made my music and my sound unique, so I stopped doing that to start crafting my own shit.”

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6. TeaMarrr

Twitter/Instagram: imaliltcup

Project: Thanks for The Chapstick EP

I’m cheating by putting TeaMarrr on the list because her project dropped in 2017, but I discovered her music [despite following her for three months] after she posted a video for her single, ‘The One.’ A breath of fresh air, TearMarr is one of the few woman doing R&B right in the city.

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5. Dae Toney

Instagram: @DaeToney

Song: All About My Money

Though much is unknown about this Boston rapper, we know that this rapper is all about her money and nothing else.

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4. Bia Javier

Project: RM22 EP.

Bia Javier sings all the things you don’t want to say outloud on her RM22 EP. Serving as a follow up to her 2017 project Circles, the strongstress endures an endless rollercoaster of a dying relationship.

I’m sure you can relate. (Sidebar: She’s like a mix of H.E.R. & Janine & The Mixtape).

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3. Austin Fair

Photo Credit: AndrewOConnell


Instagram: @AustinFair

Let me unfiltered for one minute, THIS SONG IS MY SHIT. You ever put this record in the aux while driving in the whip? Woooooo bitch. Austin Fair knew what he was doing with this record. This literally needs to be on every playlist. I need to see a visual, see this played on the radio, on BET, everywhere. But on a serious note, Austin Fair is a humbled individual that is Boston’s best kept secret.

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2. HighKey Random

Song: ‘Stone Cold Stunner’

Twitter: @HighKeyRandom_

HighKey Random‘s records are catchy and make you want to flex. Especially this ‘Stone Cold Stunner’ record. Fitting right in the mainstream era of a catchy hook and creative wordplay, HighKey Random’s music will definitely have you turnt this summer.

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  1. OOMPA

Twitter: oompoutloud

Project: November 3rd

Oom Pa is not your regular degular emcee. Coming out of the city of Boston, the queer rapper has a lethal tongue that is not to be played with. After the release of her debut album November 3rd, Oom Pa already as several accolades under her belt – including, Dig Boston’s Top 30 Local Albums of 2016 and one of Allston Pudding’s Favorite albums of 2016.


Nigerian Artists to Watch Out for in 2024



Nigerian Artists to Watch Out for in 2024 miixtapechiick

Afrobeats, a captivating fusion of hip-hop and electronic elements with West African rhythms, has become a global sensation in the music industry. Although well-known heavyweights like Burna Boy, Wizkid, and Davido still dominate the scene, a new generation of gifted musicians is emerging and has the potential to propel the genre to new heights.

In recent years, we have witnessed the rise of stars like Rema, Asake, Tyla, Ayra Starr, Libianca, Fireboy DML, and a host of others armed with unique sounds, captivating lyricism, and undeniable stage presence, pushing the boundaries of Afrobeats by infusing it with elements of R&B, pop, and even alternative sounds.

This year, the Nigerian music industry is experiencing a surge in popularity from a new breed of talents. Let’s meet the Nigerian artists you need to know:

Qing Madi

Chimamanda Pearl Chukwuma, better known by her stage name Qing Madi, is a multi-talented Nigerian singer, songwriter, and performer who is shaping 4music with her distinctive blend of pop, soul, R&B, and Afrobeats. Her breakthrough single, “Why,” released in 2023, quickly gained popularity, marking her arrival in the Nigerian music scene. Her unique style and artistic ability are harmoniously blended in “Why,” a song that mixes melodicism and an irresistible rhythmic drive.

With her self-described Afro-R&B sound, Qing Madi has boldly carved out her own musical niche while elegantly following in the footsteps of famous Afrobeat giants. Qing Madi recently unveiled her latest project, inviting listeners to experience the unique melodies and lyrical depth woven into each track. The self-titled project “Qing Madi” showcases the artist’s dedication to her craft, further solidifying her position as a significant figure and one to watch out for in 2024. “American Love” is one track off the EP that is promising, and I suggest everyone take a listen. Listen here.


Nigerian musician Tonade Oladapo Adetunji, better known by his stage name Oladapo, is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and performer. His sound, described as “Afro-fusion,” combines highlife and R&B melodies with unique contemporary elements, all artistically complemented with elements of his native Yoruba and Nigerian Pidgin. His listeners are taken on a never-ending musical journey by his soulful vocals and artistic vision.

Oladapo’s newest body of work, “IN CASE I NEVER LOVE AGAIN (ICINLA),” is poised to win hearts once more. A story of poignant intimacy, the 10-track project offers a cathartic journey for people who have felt the pain of unfulfilled emotional connections. Listen here.


Daniella Daniel Ibinabo is a singer, songwriter, and creative who goes by the stage name Morravey. With her soulful vocals, this fast-rising R&B musician has undoubtedly captured the eye of the Nigerian audience, going from making covers to becoming an online sensation. Recognized for contributing her beautiful yet exceptional vocals on “In the Garden,” one of the most celebrated albums of 2023, “Timeless” by Davido.

The buzz surrounding Morravey’s debut EP, RAVI, which consists of five mesmerizing tracks, is growing. The EP, released on November 2, 2023, includes the top-charting track “Magician,” a collaboration with Davido. Listen here.


Winifred Ohili Adanu, popularly known as Winny, is a talented artist from Nigeria. With her unique vocal delivery and a sound that combines R&B/Soul, Afro, and reggae, the gifted singer offers her music a distinct edge. Inspired by artists such as Chris Brown, Wizkid, Chronixx and Kranium, Winny aims to convey love, compassion, self-awareness, and a sense of belonging through her music and songwriting.

Winny proves she’s one to watch with her breakout self-titled EP “WINNY.” Her breathtaking single, “Pretty,” is a lovely song with excellent writing and composition. It debuted in the Top 200 of the Apple R&B/Soul Chart in Nigeria, Kenya, the Congo, and the Gambia. Listen here.

Kold AF

Aninooritsewarami Alero Oritsesan, a Nigerian rising star with a unique voice and style who goes by her stage name Kold AF, has proven why she is a queen in her own world and deserves everyone’s time and attention. Through her popular song covers, the rapidly budding artist has gradually and steadily grown her fan base.

Her recently released body of work titled “KOLLIDE” showcases her genre-bending ability that shares the spotlight with her superb songwriting. Kold AF is making a difference with her distinct style in Nigerian music by experimenting with Pop and R&B, complemented with dancehall style. She is showing signs of being a force to be reckoned with. Listen here.

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The Rise of R&B Music in Africa



The Rise of R&B Music in Africa miixtapechiick Afrobeats, Amapiano, Gengetone

The world’s music industry has always been inspired by Africa, the continent of rich cultural heritage. In the African music scene, R&B is experiencing a significant comeback, despite the historical dominance of Afrobeats, Amapiano, Gengetone, and other genres. This is an exciting development for the continent.

Africa’s R&B scene is proof of African musicians’ uniqueness, versatility, and creativity. R&B has always been associated with romantic themes and soulful songs, but African musicians are giving the genre a distinctive new direction by incorporating elements of their own cultures and musical tastes.

Africa has a never-ending love for good R&B; South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Zambia, and Uganda have the highest R&B listenership on Spotify. Collaborations between international superstars and African musicians in the R&B genre are becoming more frequent than they were a decade ago, mostly due to this tremendous rise.

From the mesmerizing strains of “Big FU” by David Guetta, featuring Nigeria’s finest Ayra Starr, to the captivating melodies of “Sensational” by Chris Brown, Davido, and Lojay, and Travis Scott jumping on Tyla‘s “Water,” one of Africa’s breakout songs of 2023. Africa’s stars are shining bright on the world stage.

And now, African singers are also connecting with one another to release global hits all on their own.

Soulful vocals combined with modern production techniques, Afrobeat loops, and traditional African rhythms are being skillfully blended by musicians all throughout the globe. This blend produces a sound that not only resonates with listeners but also bridges the gap between the past and the present.

In Africa, R&B is growing in popularity more than ever. We see that the power of music transcends all borders, whether by location or generation, as this global journey spreads like wildfire.

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Lil Durk Cancels Rolling Loud Performance & ‘Sorry for the Drought Tour’ Dates



Lil Durk Cancels Rolling Loud Performance & ‘Sorry for the Drought Tour’ Dates
Josh Brasted/FilmMagic

Lil Durk has made the difficult decision to cancel his much-anticipated Rolling Loud Miami performance and a significant portion of his ‘Sorry for the Drought Tour.’

The announcement comes after the rapper was recently hospitalized for dehydration and exhaustion, as reported by TMZ. Lil Durk, whose real name is Durk Banks, expressed his regret at being unable to take the stage but prioritizes his health and well-being above all else. Despite the setbacks, the artist remains positive and is looking forward to resuming his performances as soon as he receives medical clearance.

“Since I’m still awaiting to get full clearance from my doctors to travel and perform again, I have no other choice but to cancel my headlining Rolling Loud performance.,” Durk said in a statement to Akademiks. “While I’m home resting, I am looking forward to my two homecoming shows on the 11th & 12th in Chicago. For the rest of the country, I’ll be announcing new dates soon. #StillHealing”

Despite the unfortunate circumstances leading to the tour’s postponement, there are still some bright spots for fans. Five of Lil Durk’s shows remain unaffected by the cancellation. Among the unaffected performances are two hometown shows set to take place at Chicago’s United Center, with one of them being an appearance at 107.5 WGCI Summer Jam on August 12.

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