Mariah The Scientist and Young Thug Confirm Relationship



Last year, rumors began to hit the internet that Mariah The Scientist was involved with Young Thug. Though the photos ended up being still shots from the video of her “RY RY World” single, “Walked In,” people still believed the two were secretly an item.

A day after Young Thug and Gunna were arrested on RICO charges, Mariah The Scientist performed in Boston as part her ‘The Intermission‘ tour where she performed in front of a backdrop that read ‘Free Young’ and ‘Free YSL.’ As she wrapped up her tour this week, Young Thug congratulated the singer by surprising the singer with heart-shaped balloons along with words that spelled out “Mrs. Sold Out Dates” and rose petals that read “See U Soon Love Jeffery.”

Mariah posted the images on Twitter with the caption, “Couldn’t ask for better.”


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