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New Music: Lucky Daye & Tiana Major9 – ‘On Read’



Lucy Daye TianaMajor9

If it’s nothing we hate more, it’s being left ‘On Read‘ by someone we’ve been waiting to hear from all day. Lucky Daye and Tiana Major9 channel that energy on their latest collaboration, ‘On Read.’

“What, you gon’ make me beg?/I’d get on my knees if that’d please you/Chat it up/You ain’t gon’ find, how you gonna find a nigga like me, babe,” sings Lucky Daye.

Serving as a follow-up to his 2019 EP, Painted, Lucky Daye surely keeps his ears to the streets and can always identify with the ups and downs we singles go through.

Speaking up for the ladies, Tiana Major9 tells Daye that he should feel lucky if she even replies to his mess. “It’s your lucky day if I answer, oh, ooh-woah/You ain’t gon’ find the sort of reply you’re wanting to get out of me, bae/How many times are you gonna try?/I’m waiting for you to leave it,” she resopnds.

Stream “On Read” below.

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4Hunnid Records’ YG, Day Sulan & D3szn Release ‘Gang Affiliated’ Compilation



YG, Day Sulan & D3szn 4HUNNID Gang Affiliated

Introducing his new roster, YG kicks off 2021 with a compilation alongside his 4Hunnid Records‘ recording artists, Day Sulan & D3szn with the seven-track effort, Gang Affiliated.

With contribution from DDG , Mitch, Tay2X, and BandGang Lonnie Bandz, the project led by the single “Hit Em Up,” along with the last month’s release, “Bailar.”

The project serves as a follow-up to YG’s “Go Home” featuring Big Sean, which appeared on the Amazon Prime-film, Coming 2 America, starring Eddie Murphy.

Check out what 4 Hunnid Records has to offer by streaming Gang Affiliated below.

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Lil Durk & Only The Family (OTF) Release the Compilation, ‘Loyal Bros’



Lil Durk OTF Only the Family loyal Bros

Already having a groundbreaking 2021, Lil Durk keeps the balling rolling, gathering his label signees, Only The Family, for the album compilation, Loyal Bros.

Only The Family, OTF, consisting of Booka 600, Memo 600, Doodie Lo Timo, JusBlow600, THF Zoo, C3, and OTF Ikey, treat us to 23 tracks with contributions from the late King Von on “Jump,” as well as EST Gee, Lil’ Uzi Vert, Foogiano, Tee Grizzley and several others. Serving as their fourth compilation project, the Loyal Bros artwork serves as a tribute to the fallen members of OTF including King Von along Durk’s cousin, OTF Nunu aka Nuski.

With production handled by OTF’s in-house producers, TouchOfTrent and John Lam, Loyal Bros is now available for streaming via Only The Family/EMPIRE.

Loyal Bros serves as a follow-up to Durk’s The Voice (Deluxe) album, which is sitting at no. 2 on the Billboard 200 charts.

Listen below.

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K Shiday Disses Asian Da Brat on ‘Back In Blood’ Freestyle




In 2018, Asian Da Brat was the first woman signed to Gucci Mane’s 1017 Records.

However, the Dallas native parted ways with the label last January as she felt that being signed wasn’t a good fit. In a tweet posted back in 2019, Asian expressed that she has wished she stayed independent:

When she got her wish last January, Asian posted the following caption in the now-deleted Instagram post:

“I feel like I owe my fans the truth so here it goes I ASKED GUCCI MANE TO RELEASE ME FROM 1017 A COUPLE DAYS AGO & HE SAID “OKAY” thank you alamo records/Eskimo Records for the opportunity but I’m NO LONGER IN MY DEAL. I AM OFFICIALLY AN INDEPENDENT ARTIST 💯 I’ve wanted this for a while but I’m a super loyal person & I knew God had something planned for me. Once I felt it completely in my heart that I had to move on from my team is when I asked to be removed & everything went smoothly. You don’t have to scream curse or yell to get your point across just be humble about every situation & know that 1 day you will get everything you deserve.. 2020 is MINES & IM CLAIMING IT 💯 Thanks to all my supporters who stayed down y’all know its UP NOW!!”

With K Shiday now sitting on the throne since last May, Gucci Mane claimed that she was his “first and only female rap artist” ever signed to the label in an Instagram post.

Proving that she’s the queen of the throne, the San Antonio-native decided to drop some bars over 1017 labelmate Pooh Shiesty‘s record, “Back In Blood” which features Lil Durk. K Shiday decided to go after Asian after she reportedly dissed her first over the same beat.

“I don’t even play with dolls, and I damn sure can’t stand a brat,” K Shiday opens up the record. “Bitch you irrelevant, you really fu*kin’ mad/ on the Shiesty beat you tryna be 1017 so bad/Bitches fallin’ out for likes, don’t play with dolls or play with tech’s/bitch, you mad they took that chain from you, I got it ’round my neck,” K Shiday continues.

Now, what did Asian Da Brat say that set off K Shiday? “I ain’t gotta have no deal, I’m in the streets, this p*ssy platinum/ I got in and out that shit, ran up a mil’, we call that fastin’/Aye, you gotta know, you hoes is lame/ Raisin pussy, dried up bitches, they gon’ say my name for fame/If it weren’t for Asian Doll, then none of you hoes won’t have no chains.”

Who won this round? Comment below.

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