New Music: Sir Sings About Short-Lived ‘Satisfaction’




TDE artist SiR just released his latest single — ‘Satisfaction.’ He sings about that grey area where both people know that a serious relationship is not written in their future. It’s definitely one of those situations of trying to savor the good times even when the relationship has run its course. 

Along with the single is a new music video where that “love me today, leave me tomorrow” moment is illustrated. The initial couple is shown reminiscing on the good times and immediately after, SiR oscillates between multiple love interests.

He is still shown pining for his first lady but as we all know—  once things go sour, there’s no going back to anything sweet. It’s precisely what the descending guitar chords and the somber ambiance suggest. 

One of the best parts of this production is having to ask yourself: who is he talking to? With every woman, the lyrics provide a new meaning through and through. 

“This was never meant to be what it feels like
This ain’t your real life, and I’m not real
As much as I hope one day things could still work
We both know the deal”

It’s perfect for explaining to someone that you can’t be who they want you to be!

SiR on Twitter: “I wish the future never happened… / Twitter”

I wish the future never happened…


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