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Pick Up The Phone! LAYA Drops New EP ‘Um, Hello?’

R&B Singer LAYA just dropped her EP titled ‘Um, Hello?

Hailing from Staten Island, the Warner Records signee packed quite a punch as this collection gives 90’s essence infused with today’s pop culture and sound. 

As explained in an interview with Melody Maker Magazine, ‘Um Hello’ is “a call to the universe” with the “intention of [grabbing] the world’s attention and [bringing] something fresh to the music scene,” both in sound and aesthetic. 

LAYA opens with soft harp-like strums and a ringing phone in ‘Closed Case.’ Her opening message emphasizes that it’s finally Lay season! She has the rare flow to back it up.

In the third record, LAYA emphasizes that at this point in her life, she’s ’Too Up.’ Considering her caliber, she’s too focused for fruitless romance — especially not with any egotists. 

“I try to look by 
The fact that you hide  behind 
Some big ass front 
Pass the blunt and step aside
They fake 
They late 
They hate the fact you 
Ain’t they date 
By the way you move so hard 
Time to vacate”

Even though she may not be crazy about swank speech, LAYA makes it crystal clear that she’s not too fond of sheepish behavior.  For ‘Brag’ she teams up with Fivio Foreign for this slow bounce. 

In the corresponding music video, LAYA and Fivio take it back to their high school days, with red and blue laser-colored grad photos, yearbook superlatives, and prom kodaks! 

These next two songs scream love-struck. She sings all about how she’s been pining for a love that’s been giving her fever like never before in ‘Crazy Down.’ Did I mention that she sampled the well-known ‘I Wanna Be Down’ by Brandy

She’s got it so bad that she’d do the most for this one — all in the name of the moon! ‘Sailor Moon’ is exactly what the title alludes to. For three minutes, the singer pays it forward to the popular anime girl with the Cancer sun and the Type O blood, Usagi Tsukino!

“Changing form, for you I’d slay a raging swarm 
of demons i aint ’fraid no more” 

Check out the music video — I promise you’ll need all of the nostalgia! 

Listen to ‘Um, Hello?’ below!

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