Soulja Boy Jail
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images for TV Guide

Earlier this month, Soulja Boy was arrested for for failing to complete his community service.

Standing before the judge this past Tuesday, the rapper was sentenced to serve 240 days in jail for violating probation.

Though he has been credited for the 40 days he has already served, Soulja Boy has also been ordered to serve 265 days of community service, according to TMZ.

His attorney told the judge that the past few weeks have been an “awakening” for his client. Soulja Boy was able to dodge a two year sentence after the judge “acknowledged that Soulja’s missed out on business opportunities while behind bars.”

Soulja Boy was arrested in February, following a raid at his home, after an ex-girlfriend reported that she was being held captive and tied up against her will. During the raid, ammunition was found by police.