Nicki Minaj The Joe Budden Podcast

After being yelled at by Nicki Minaj on her Beats1 Radio show, Queen Radio this past Monday, The Joe Budden Podcast decided to bring the “Megatron” rapper to episode 271 of their show to come to some type of understanding.

Throughout the 2 and half hour segment, Budden, Rory and Mal ask Minaj about the Nicki Minaj “hate train,” her antics before an album release, where she thinks her future lies in hip-hop, gatekeepers, Budden not caring about what people think about his point of views and much more.

Stream below.

Episode 271 | “Case Study” (Feat. Nicki Minaj)

The content Kings are joined by Nicki Minaj after an explosive encounter between Joe and Nicki. Nicki starts off by being honest with Joe (6:20). He also asks her thoughts on “gatekeepers” in media (15:33), the Nicki “hate-train” and how social media affects her (27:58).



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