As fans await the release of Chixtape 5, Tory Lanez switches gears and releases a new track with an accompanying video titled, “What Happened To The Kids.” 

Lanez explores young kids becoming products of their environment, self-hatred within black men, systemic racism and making better decisions; ending the video with the message, “Make a choice. A positive decision makes a positive difference.”

“What happened to the kids? I wrote this song and made this video to show the youth the outcome of a lot of our decisions, said Lanez in an Instagram post. “Every action has a reaction .and we are living in a world where people are afraid to speak the truth because of the reaction of the world and others. I’m going to take a stand above all that shit and not only put out klub music, but also put out music that can help the youth understand that there are positive ways to go about negative situations.” 

Watch the Mid Jordan-directed clip below.


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