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For the past couple of weeks, XXXTentacion hasn’t had the best of a luck and looks like things have taken another turn for the worst.

XXXTentacion took to Instagram that he was allegedly jumped by Atlanta trio, Migos. Occurring outside a Los Angeles hotel, XXXTentacion goes into detail about the incident via Instagram Story where he stated that he was out with a friend and his girlfriend when the jumping occurred. The Florida rapper also stated that one of Migos members or an entourage allegedly pulled out a gun.

After all the sh*t I’ve been talking, how the f**k you ain’t shoot me?,” said XXXTentacionin in a video before deleting.

“He was scared to fight me one-on-one. These ni**as were scared to fight me! Y’all ni**as like 35! I ain’t mad because I got 35-year-olds afraid to fight me…..Migos just gave me free clout.”

The beef between the two parties supposedly stems from “>comments made by XXTentacion where XXXTentacion tweeted one day that Offset stole Drake’s flow.

DJ Akademiks on Twitter

Breaking: xxxtentacion was just jumped in LA after being held at gunpoint with his girl.

DJ Akademiks on Twitter

xxxtentacion claims Migos jumped him in LA outside his hotel and pulled a gun on him

DJ Akademiks on Twitter

xxxtentacion posts video of takeoff from the Migos after the supposed altercation

DJ Akademiks on Twitter

xxxtentacion says he spared Migos at the BET hip hop awards in Miami a few months ago

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