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Big Sean & Hit-Boy Team Up on ‘What You Expect’ EP



Big Sean Hit-Boy What You Expect

After previously teaming up with Hit-Boy on ‘Detroit 2,’ Big Sean teams up with Hit-Boy once more on a joint effort titled, What You Expect.

Treatings fans to six new tracks, What You Expect features contributions from  Lil’ Durk, Babyface Ray, 42 Dugg and Bryson Tiller. The project is a testament to the friendship and partnership Big Sean and Hit-Boy over the years. In the ‘What You Expect’ trailer, you can see Big Sean & Hit-Boy politicking out in London. 12 years later, the two are making history “being a part of the greatest music in the world.”

Stream ‘What You Expect‘ below.

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IDK Drops New EP Produced by Kaytranada — It’s ‘Simple.’




Recently, rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer IDK dropped an EP produced by Kaytranada titled ‘Simple.’

IDK on Twitter: “Simple. An album written by IDK, with production from Kaytranada. pic.twitter.com/skk8oKR0u7 / Twitter”

Simple. An album written by IDK, with production from Kaytranada. pic.twitter.com/skk8oKR0u7

This is his most recent body of work since ‘USEE4YOURSELF‘ featuring artists like Young Thug, Westside Gunn, MF DOOM, Lucky Daye, The Neptunes, and more.

With features from Denzel Curry and Mike Dimes, IDK definitely delivered 18 minutes of dance floor magic and depth. He explains that he “wanted to create an album where people can dance to real shit.”

“It’s eleven o’clock, on the dot, I’m on the block
Ain’t no time for no sleepin’ or yawnin’, or whatnot
Twelve running around creepin’ and peepin’ for the drop
We be moving with caution, the block is really hot”

In the same statement, IDK explains the origins of the title ‘Simple:’

“There’s a neighborhood in my city called ‘Simple City. “It gets its name because you can get killed for any simple reason. Simple City is also the birthplace of Marvin Gaye. I wanted to tell the story of Simple City in a way that it’s never been told before. From drug abuse to crime and murder, I wanted to cover what it feels like to be from Simple City and teach the world that the fix to helping disadvantaged black communities isn’t as simple as you think.”

Hopefully, a Tiny Desk will be in the works. This is definitely one of those projects that absolutely require live performances!

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New Music: Smooth Songstress Tanerélle Releases ’82 Moons’ EP




Recently, independent artist Tanerélle dropped her new EP, ‘82 Moons.

Tanerélle on Twitter: “the response to #82moons has been incredible. I am overwhelmed with so much love. wow. pic.twitter.com/10OUUB4mrK / Twitter”

the response to #82moons has been incredible. I am overwhelmed with so much love. wow. pic.twitter.com/10OUUB4mrK

As a brief astrology crash course, the title references the 82 moons of Saturn. In a past article with Paper Magazine, Tanerélle explains that Saturn is the planet that has made her feel “yummy,” considering the planet’s “dimensions, her auroras, the sound of her rings,” etc.

Thus, ’82 Moons‘ captures comfort and even turbulence in romance.

The singer starts off this project with a record called ‘Space Cowgirl.’ Of course, the production is galactic! She finds herself lost and alone amidst the infinite asteroids and light-years. The song is reminiscent of how finding love can feel like a big maze.

‘Sidetracked  |  Perfect Lover’ is a two-piece combo filled with intoxicating background harmonies and captivating alto vocals.

“I don’t make the rules, I’m just facing all my fears in the name of you.”

This track captures how riveting the perfect lover could be even when their red flags are crimson clear. She wonders if she’ll ever recover from meeting the ‘perfect’ lover with ill intentions.

‘Good Good’ —is a single that may be familiar to those who are already well acquainted with this singer. Tanerélle actually dropped this record in 2021. The smooth rum guitar strums make for the wine-down, Cater-2-u type of song.

The brief record titled ‘Water’  from the singer is the epitome of simple yet sweet.

“If my eyes were cold as water, my arms as long as trees, will you find a way?” 

‘Twin Flame’ is a realization of how deep her romantic connection runs. As she sings, “it’s more than just chemistry.” Along with the previous four songs, ’Twin Flame” is definitely on par with this Saturnian theme of trying, yet triumphant love. In this record, commitment is intentional and profound.

For Tanerélle, ‘Lovin’ You’ is philosophical. The monotonous piano keys and electrifying guitar chords illustrate the sweet and anticipatory momentum that occurs just before going all the way. 

Stream ’82 Moons’ below!

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New Music: $hayBand$ Drops 2nd EP ‘Female Pain Muzik’




Boston’s very own $hayBand$ has just dropped her second EP, ‘Female Pain Muzik.’ This Diamond Child’s project is twenty-eight minutes of vulnerability — and simultaneously of resilience. 

$hay sets the tone of this collection with her first record named ‘Toxic.’ Thanks to her Cartiers, she’s blind to the BS and wrapped up in bright visions of her aspirations.  Considering all the turmoil, who could blame her for her toxicity? 

In her EP’s second track — ‘Ride or Die,’ $hay sets the scene with a sample from ‘U Should’ve Known Better’ by the one and only R&B songstress Monica. For a brief 2 minutes, $hay shares why those who’ve crossed her in the past should’ve done better: when she’s in it, she’s committed. She never falters on her word and on that premise, she expects no less from the next man who stands before her. 

‘Love Again’ is a lamentation of lost love. She rants about the lip service she was given toward the beginning of a budding relationship. She essentially explains how past heartbreak has built a wall between herself and any new chances of vulnerability. 

As you can see, $hay is more than jaded. She continues to speak her truths in ‘Make It Back,’ ‘Mud,’ and ‘Drug Story.’ Her heart is made of diamonds: precious yet durable. 

In her ninth track, ‘Roses’ $hay demands her man to show his love if it’s real. Considering all of the lies and betrayal — especially after hanging around all of her carbon copies, she has no choice left but to leave blood on the roses. 

Despite the mess, she’s stilling ‘Shining’ and she tells us all about how clever she truly is despite being taken for granted. We all know how men will see a good thing and still fumble it. 

“Don’t you lie to me 
Thinking you ain’t gon’ get caught 
B-tch I’m a diamond I get what I want” 

At the end of all the chaos, $hay ends with a ‘Ghetto Love Story’ featuring KM Popout that’s filled with expectations in a potential partner, ultimatums, glimpses into past heartbreak, and more. 

Be sure to show love and stream ‘Female Pain Muzik’ and follow this star on IG @shaybandomt!

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