Bryson Tiller anniversary

Just a week after bringing us the deluxe edition of his 2015-debut, TRAP SOUL, Bryson Tiller treats us to his third studio album, Anniversary.

Marking his first project since the release of his sophomore effort, True To Self, Tiller’s latest offering features 10 songs with a sole contribution from Drake (“Outta Time”, produced by Nineteen85, Vinylz and 40).

“This album is a different energy,” Tiller told Billboard. There’s a clear difference with this album and True to Self, because at that time I didn’t want to make an album. It was two years after Trapsoul came out and I was going through a lot of shit — like, legal stuff and personal stuff. I didn’t really want to create an album at that time. They can tell you this before and a lot of people don’t know this, but before the album even came out, I didn’t want it out. I was in the studio and I was upset. People were like, “Hey, I heard your album is done. I can’t wait to hear it,” and I was like, “Listen. Don’t even bother.” That’s what I would always tell them. That’s how I felt. I wasn’t really trying to put energy or time into it.”

You can stream Anniversary via Tidal below. Don’t have Tidal? Sign up here and get three months free.


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