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Joe Budden Music Lovers Only With Joe Budden Amazon Amp


Joe Budden Announces New Amazon Radio Show ‘Music Lovers Only’

Joe Budden is reintroducing himself to radio with his new Amazon Radio Show, Music Lovers Only.

Premiering on May 16 at 5 pm EST, Music Lovers Only with Joe Budden will be a weekly syndicated series where he’ll be able to interact with fans using the live call-in feature on Amp —the new live-radio app from Amazon. According to the press release, Budden will also be able to curate playlists featuring his favorite songs, all while tapping in with fans about the latest news and issues that matter to the culture.

“As music lovers all we have is each other to spread the word of a good song, a good vibe, and a good set for the spirit,” said Budden. “Get to your favorite spot in the house and get comfortable, we’re just here to have a good time.”

Earlier this year, Nicki Minaj announced she would be leaving Apple Music Beats 1 for Amp, where she’ll be reviving Queen Radio.

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