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New Rory and Mal Podcast Lands A SiriusXM Deal



new rory and mal

Believe it or not, it’s been five months since Rory and Mal were “fired” from the Joe Budden Podcast during Episode 437: “You Want It To Be One Way.” Since then, the two cohosts have since branched out, starting their own podcast, New Rory & Mal.

Proving their naysayers wrong, not only is their podcast doing numbers, but the two friends have just inked a deal with SiriusXM’s Stitcher and will air weekly every Tuesday and Friday, starting November 2nd.

In an exclusive interview with Vulture, Rory and Mal spoke about their new podcast and how they wanted to do things differently, along with their current relationship with Joe Budden.

“We definitely wanted to add some new elements into podcasting. I feel like podcasting has become pretty stagnant and a little oversaturated, where everyone is just setting up microphones and talking about the same thing every single day,” Rory told Vulture.

“It’s become, like, the new mixtape or the new merch line. It’s just this shit that everybody kept doing. After everything happened [with The Joe Budden Podcast], Mal and I sat down and were like, “Yo, I think the only way we continue doing this shit is if we can really do it in a unique way.”

On The Joe Budden Podcast:

“There were a lot of things we wanted to do in the old show that we weren’t able to because we just didn’t have as much control after a while,” said Mal. “Looking back, that was the beginning of the end. Honestly, all that started when every time we wanted to try something, the energy around it would just be like, ‘Ehh, I don’t know.’ Despite the fact that this is our show, you know what I mean?”

“And then there were also a lot of business meetings that were happening that we didn’t know about. Coming out of all that was a blessing, because now it’s literally just Rory and myself having conversations about what we creatively want to do. Stuff that before would not have seen the light of day because the energy around it was just, ‘Ah, I don’t know, let’s think about that, let’s come back to that.’ It was never, ‘Yes, let’s do it, let’s try.’ With just Rory and myself, it can happen so freely now.”

On their relationship with Joe Budden:

Rory: I’ve run into him, but it wasn’t really a conversation.

Mal: I haven’t seen or spoken to him since my last day at the studio. I’m happy it went that way because if I had seen him or run into him, it would have been bad news.

Joe Budden has since indirectly responded to the comments made about him in the interview with “They’ll question your character once you stop taking care of them” via Instagram Stories.

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Hit-Boy Back Working with Kanye West; Beef Is Over



Hit-Boy Back Working with Kanye West

Back in November, HS87 producer Hit-Boy revealed on the Rory & Mal podcast that he and Kanye West had a falling out and West tried to have him blacked balled from the industry.

“I haven’t been a fan of Kanye on a personal/ human level since he told me face to face he stopped picking my beats because I worked with Beyoncé,” Hit-Boy told Rory and Mal. “This is after I produced n*ggas in Paris , clique, and a myriad of other songs / projects for him and his label GOOD Music in the 2 years I was signed with them.”

However, Hit-Boy revealed today that he is officially back to working with Ye, presumably for DONDA 2. The producer was seen in the studio with him and The Game and was given production credit on Ye’s latest release, ‘Eazy.’

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Aaliyah’s ‘Unstoppable’ Album To Feature Drake, Chris Brown, and More



Aaliyah. Unstoppable album

After dropping ‘Poison‘ featuring The Weeknd last month, Aaliyah’s uncle and Blackground founder, Barry Hankerson, revealed that the singer’s posthumous album, Unstoppable would be dropping this month.

Hankerson tells Billboard that the album will feature contributions from Ne-Yo, Drake, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown and Future, as well as production from Timbaland.

“The body of work is pure hip-hop and R&B,” Hankerson told Billboard. “I think it’s going to be big with urban and R&B stations. Some of the people that Aaliyah liked are on the album. She loved Snoop Dogg, who’s done a great record in collaboration with Future. They’re going in now to refreshen their vocals. Ne-Yo gave us an excellent song; also Drake.”

“Timbaland produced the track that Chris Brown did,” Hankerson continued. “It’s vintage R&B with strong vocals. I look for that one to also get a very special reaction from listeners. We’ll probably release one more single before the album comes out.”

Unstoppable will be the first album that will feature new music from Aaliyah in over 15 years.

“I think she would be very happy with the selections we made and the guests because the artists themselves made it known to us how much they wanted to work with her and be a part of her legacy,” said Hankerson. “And I pray that she is happy. Aaliyah would love hearing herself with the current stars of the industry that she cared so much about. And that’s all I wanted to do.”

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The Weeknd Reveals ‘DAWN FM’ Cover Art & Tracklist



The Weeknd

Ahead of the release of his new album, DAWN FM, The Weeknd reveals the official track list and cover art to the forthcoming project.

Removing the red blazer seen during his After Hours era, The Weeknd ages himself on his album artwork, revealing an elderly Abel.

DAWN FM described as “new sonic universe from the mind of The Weeknd,”  drops this Friday (Jan. 7) with features from  Quincy Jones, Tyler, the Creator, Lil Wayne, and Oneohtrix Point Never. The album serves as a follow-up to The Weeknd’s fourth studio album, After Hours, released in 2020.

Screen Shot 2022 01 05 at 1.00.32 PM

Watch the official trailer to DAWN FM above, narrated by Jim Carrey.

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