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MASS. Mondays: Kam’Geez, Trottie Moula, Rosewood Bape, 8 Zipp



MASS. Mondays_Kam'Geez, Trottie Moula, Rosewood Bape, 8 Zipp

A new month and the universe decided to cut up with some snow, but living in New England, this is to be expected. This week’s MASS. Mondays, we have new music from Kam’Geez, Trottie Moula, Rosewood Bape, and 8 Zipp.

Stream below.

Kam’Geez – ‘Pain’ Freestyle

Screen Shot 2021 02 08 at 8.34.42 PM

Kam’Geez never fails to deliver when he dropped. Freestyling over Tupac “Pain” sample reimagined by Foreign Vu, it’s a different type of cloth talk Kam’Geez spits over this instrumental. Still reppin’ GYB, it’s evident that even when he’s quiet, he lives up to his crew’s name – surrounded by nothing but luxury. “That drug talk, that fly talk, yeah that’s my talk/ you ain’t made for them streets, boy, stay up on them sidewalks/my bitch in Chanel, ’cause she don’t like no Primark/ I’m the topic of discussion for rumors and side talk,” he spits.

Watch below.

Trottie Moula – ‘Big G34’ ft.  Trottie Drilla, BDE Keko & Trottie Y Gizzle 

Screen Shot 2021 02 08 at 8.18.07 PM

After giving us “Dying 4 Clout’ a couple of months back, Trottie Moula returns with his brand new record, ‘Big G34.’ Teaming up with BDE Keko and label mate Trottie Y Gizzle, Trottie Moula is never scared to go to war for his and is all about that action if you come at him funny. Backed by BDE Keko and Trottie Y Gizzle, it’s evident what type of time they’re on with their G34.


Watch below.

Rosewood Bape – ‘Rude’

Screen Shot 2021 02 08 at 8.42.19 PM

Dropping “Not My Fault” back in October, Rosewood Bape teams up with TANJ again for the official video of his latest single, “Rude.” Marking his first visual for 2021, it just makes you wish that summer was right around a corner, but we sadly have a long way to go. Surrounded by beautiful women and pushing a luxury whip, Bape doesn’t wanna be rude, but you just have to respect that a playa’s gotta do what a playa’s gotta do.

8 Zipp – ‘Don’t Go’ ft. Boston Royale 

Screen Shot 2021 02 08 at 8.46.33 PM

Just in time for Valentine’s Day weekend, 8 Zipp gives us a record for the ladies. Acknowledging her loyalty, 8 Zipp regrets leaving when he did and is doing his best to get his real love back. With assistance from Boston Royale, the record/visual is less than two minutes in running time, but that’s okay cause 8 Zipp says all that he had to say to make it up to shorty.

Watch below.

8 Zipp – Don’t Go feat. Boston Royale (Official Video)

BABY DON’T GO! Shot By: @vrtupresents Prod. JP Dreamstar#8Zipp #FreeNiggas #ShooterzMuzik@8_Zipp @BostonRoyale617 ShooterzMuzik.com

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New #MASSMondays featuring Alejandro Blanco, Vasjan, Illy Dee



New #MASSMondays featuring Alejandro Blanco, Vasjan, Illy Dee

Happy July! I hope your summer is off to a great start! This is particularly my favorite time of year. Aside from it being my birthday last week, summer is where all the good vibes transpire; and of course, good music! Though we don’t have a song of the summer just yet, here are some records in the running below!

Alejandro Blanco – Calm Before The Storm

Screen Shot 2022 07 04 at 7.33.04 PM

Earlier this year, Alejandro Blanco dropped his sixth studio project, Like Last Time. The 7-track effort served as a follow-up to his August 2021 project, A3, in which he recently provided visual treatment to the album cut, “Change Me” featuring Nappy Jones. As we are now halfway through 2022, Blanco returns with his latest offering, Calm Before The Storm.

The 5-track EP contains a lone feature from Enemy Of the Fake and is easily my favorite project to come out this year.

Vasjan – ‘Gangsta’ ft. Wave Capone

Screen Shot 2022 07 04 at 7.37.44 PM

Though he’s known as a promoter around the state, Vasjan has been coming into his own as a rapper. After performing his “Whap Whap” freestyle on CTNT TV, the Boston native returns with Wave Capone on his latest offering, “Gangsta.” Sampling Kehlani‘s “Gangsta,” Vasjan reminds us just how dripped out he is while Wave lets us know why they call him a Gangsta.

Watch below.

Illy Dee – All Night

Screen Shot 2022 07 04 at 7.39.30 PM

As his team prepares for the release of his Bully & The Beast mixtape, Illy Dee releases his brand new single, “All Night.” Serving as a follow-up to his March release, “Last Day In,” his latest effort switches things up, as Illy Dee is trying to catch a vibe and make the most of what seems to be a long night.

The new single comes after fellow HSM members 7981 Kal, G Fredo and Hamma Thang pleaded guilty to RICO conspiracy. According to the Department of Justice, Dee was previously charged with conspiracy to distribute and to possess with intent to distribute controlled substances. However, it has not been revealed where he stands.

Stream “All Night” below.

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HSM’s G Fredo & 7981 Kal Plead Guilty to RICO Conspiracy



7981 Kal G Fredo HSM

Back in June 2020, 31 members of the alleged street gang, NOB ( an abbreviation for Norton, Olney and Barry streets in Dorchester, MA.), were arrested on numerous charges, including racketeering conspiracy (RICO), violent crimes in aid of racketeering, drug trafficking, firearms charges and more.

Among the 31 arrested were HSM rappers: 7981 Kal, G Fredo, and Hamma Thang.

According to the U.S. District Attorney Office via the Department of Justice, 7981 Kal, born Kelvin Barros, and G Fredo, born Michael Brandao, were charged with RICO conspiracy, conspiracy to distribute controlled substances, and possession with intent to distribute controlled substances, while Hamma Thang, born Samael Mathieu, was charged with RICO conspiracy and conspiracy to distribute controlled substances.

On Thursday, June 30, 2022, all three artists were convicted on their aforementioned charges. According to NBC Boston, ten of the 31 members of NOB that were arrested “all pleaded guilty to various offenses in recent weeks, with the final two defendants pleading guilty last week.”

The defendants are scheduled to be sentenced between September and November of 2022.

According to the Department of Justice, “the charges of RICO conspiracy and committing violent crimes in aid of racketeering each provide for a sentence of up to 20 years in prison, three years of supervised release and a fine of $250,000; charges of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances and possession with intent to distribute controlled substances each provide for a sentence of up to 20 years in prison, three years of supervised release and a fine of $1 million.”

Last month, 7981 Kal’s team released the video to his single, “G-Code.”

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New Music: Chelley Marie is ‘Ice’ Cold!



Chelley Marie
Instagram/ @chelleymarie_

Boston’s very own — Chelley Marie (500 degrees), is back with another single! Make sure your bass is fully boosted because she’s here to remind you that she’s the hot girl dripped in all things ‘Ice‘ cold. With some chains you could see shining from afar, you already know there’s always a pair of wandering eyes on her.

‘Long hair ass fat, they want to hit this
bad b-tch on they wish list like it’s Christmas
you ain’t talking bout no f-cking money gotta dismiss
chain glistening, they see the ice from a distance’

She’s definitely one to be invested in but treads lightly: the thin lines between admiration and jealousy are not that hard for her to detect! Chelley issues a warning out to those who’ve been a little heavy-handed with her name. In short, whatever you think is tea, you can bet that she’ll bring back something scorching hot.

‘Acting shady but I made you hoes confident
Hating on me is just boosting my confidence

You really can’t outdo the do-er!

This appears to be Chelley’s first track of the year following her 2021 releases called ‘Myself‘ and ‘Phone Tag.’ Check out the music video for ‘Myself’ below:

Hopefully, she has some more tricks up her sleeve!

Stream ‘Ice’ below!

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