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#MASSMondays: Spook Sleeezyyy, Q Philly, BoriRock, K!L



MASS. Mondays: Spook Sleeezyyy, Q Philly, BORIROCK, K!L

It’s Monday and it looks like we’ve returned to some type of normalcy. Governor Baker has lifted the stay-at-home advisory and curfews, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are in office and outside looks like fall. Seems like a good day to live in Massachuetts.

This week, we have new music from Spook Sleeezy, Q Philly, BORIROCK, K!L. Did I miss someone? Send your submissions to: hello@miixtapechiick.com to get featured!

Q Philly – “Mindstate of a Columbian” 

Screen Shot 2021 01 25 at 9.34.02 AM

After giving us “No Handouts” with 8 Zipp, Q Philly returns by his lonely for his latest offering, “Mindstate of a Columbian.”

Giving us bars over an instrumental that sounds like he’s running an infamous cartel, Q Philly reminds us that he’s built for this lifestyle and has never been the one to take a loss. “If you rat you can’t f***kin’ speak,/ especially these n***as rappin’ on these f**kin’ beats/ pardon me, no zig-zag in my f**kin’ g/ you can hit this drig drag, you don’t wan’ no puff wit me,” he spits.

Watch Q Philly in the VRTUPRESENTS-directed clip below.

Spook Sleeezy – “I Heard” ft. S550

Screen Shot 2021 01 25 at 8.37.35 AM

Spook Sleeezy‘s name may be new to some, but I’ve been following him for the last two years after his freestyle over Meek Mill’s “We Ball” and “Issues.” Though his project Welcome To The Jungle never saw the light of day, the rapper made up for it releasing, How to Get Away with Murder in 2019.

After staying quiet most of 2020, Spook returns with a visual to his latest single, “I Heard.” Directed by FNS Films, Spook taps on the services of S550 to address everyone spreading rumors and talkin’ shit.

Watch below.

BoriRock – It’s Me

0121 its me borirock 1000x1000 1

Giving us the official videos to “MOSHPIT” featuring Swipey, “BRUV” and “Exciting,” BoriRock returns with the release of his debut project, It’s Me. Over the 10-track effort, the Teflon Hoot masters the art of storytelling with the opening track, “For A Few Dollaz” along with the title track, “It’s Me.” Serving as my favorite record off the album, the Dorchester native not only sounds genuine but seems like he just wants his audience to learn from his experiences.

“Get locked up, feelin’ is depressin’,/’cause my older brother always cleanin’ up my messes/promisin’ my mother ain’t no need for her to stress and/ caught with the rubber grip, lawyer gon’ finesse it/Teflon who? Just got through/You still keep a rubber grip? Yes, I do./ Yes, I’ll shoot. & if I can’t get you, nigga, bet gang do.”

BoriRock’s It’s Me project features contributions from Reem Skully (“Hoot Skully”) and Dun Dealy (“24”).

Teflon f**kin’ Hoot, bitch.

It’s Me

Listen to It’s Me on Spotify. BoriRock · Album · 2021 · 10 songs.

K!L – Havard Square

Screen Shot 2021 01 25 at 9.22.28 AM

K!L never disappoints when he drops a record. Dropping his SEPARATION EP earlier this month, the FEARLE$$ Music Group artist returns with a visual to a record titled, “Harvard Square. A well-known tourist attraction out in Cambridge, K!L recalls living in the area, getting his money up, imitators, bitches on his body, and being uninterested in making new friends.

“In the city, call me Diddy how I’m makin’ bands.”

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C-Valley EP: Chelley Marie Channels Dynamic ‘Baddie’ Vibes from Boston




C-Valley EP: Chelley Marie Channels Dynamic 'Baddie' Vibes from Boston miixtapechiick

Boston’s rising star Chelley Marie has unleashed her musical prowess with her latest EP, “C-Valley,” and it’s making waves in the music scene. Inspired by the popular Starz series “P-Valley,” this six-track project dropped on August 17th, 2023, and it’s a musical journey you won’t want to miss.*

Track 1: “I Hate A…”

The EP kicks off with “I Hate A…,” a track that grabs your attention from the get-go. Featuring a sample of Mike Jones, Slim Thug, and Paul Wall‘s classic “Still Tippin,” Chelley Marie delivers an unapologetically honest anthem. With lyrics like “If it ain’t money won’t move for it, inspiring bitches like mood boards, I hate a N!gga who acts like his money long, get around me it be too short, blow the whistle on him, that’s a foul play,” Chelley sets the tone for what’s to come—a fearless, tell-it-like-it-is attitude.

Track 2: “Take Care”

“Take Care” sets a different tone, diving into the aftermath of a romantic situation that didn’t go Chelley’s way. It’s a song that many can relate to, with lines like “You were really for the moment, let’s just face it.” It’s a honest moment that connects with the listener on a personal level.

Track 3: “Critics”

“Critics” brings the braggadocio energy we all love from artists. With lyrics like “I’ve got your fav on a waitlist, he gonna do what I say sis,” Chelley Marie exudes confidence and empowerment. This track is the perfect anthem for getting ready for a night out.

Track 4: “Outta Pocket”

“Outta Pocket” embodies the essence of a fashion-forward baddie. Chelley makes a bold declaration from a fashionista’s perspective, asserting, “Cause it’s in me, never on me, pull off anything.” This track oozes self-assuredness and style, making it a standout on the EP.

Track 5: “Boston Richey”

“Boston Richey” takes the EP on a different journey, serving as the ultimate cruising tune. Picture yourself doing 80 mph on the parkway with this track as your soundtrack. Chelley’s unique tone and flow shine through, captivating listeners with her wordplay and undeniable vibe.

Track 6: “Angel Numbers”

As the final track, “Angel Numbers” showcases Chelley Marie’s softer side, concluding the EP on a lighter note. It’s a love song that allows Chelley to pour out her adoration for a twin flame, with lyrics like “triple 7 hit the jackpot, you got lucky with me, loving you feels like heaven, you’re an angel to me.” It’s a heartwarming conclusion to a project that’s been an exhilarating musical journey.

In summary, “C-Valley” is a diverse, fun, and confident EP that introduces us to the multi-faceted talent of Chelley Marie. Each track offers a different facet of her artistry, from unapologetic honesty to vulnerability and empowerment. Chelley Marie has shown us just a glimpse of her potential, leaving us eagerly anticipating what she has in store next. Keep an eye on this rising star, as she’s bound to make a significant impact on the music scene.

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Nay Speaks: “OverSpilt” – A Voice To Get Use To…




Nay Speaks: "OverSpilt" - A Voice To Get Use To...

From the vibrant streets of Boston emerges an artist who’s making waves with her unique blend of lyrical artistry and a refreshing vibe. Nay Speaks the rising star on the music scene, dropped “OverSpilt” as part of her album, Nayborhood Healer, on July 7th, 2023. We first crossed paths with her on the heartfelt track “Everything is Beautiful,” featuring Yanna G, which graced our ears in 2021 and left an indelible mark.

Listening to “OverSpilt,” it’s evident that Nay Speaks possesses a talent that’s both undeniable and unique. Her music carries shades of Noname‘s introspective lyricism and Tierra Whack’s experimental flair, making her a compelling artist to watch.

What sets Nay Speaks apart is her authenticity and her ability to capture the essence of her surroundings. She’s a storyteller, and her narratives are rooted in the experiences of everyday people. She effortlessly blends her personal journey with societal commentary, creating a poignant tapestry of emotions in her music.

In a music landscape that often leans towards the predictable and formulaic, Nay Speaks is a breath of fresh air. Her natural aesthetic and playful approach to her craft give her work a sense of spontaneity and authenticity that’s often missing in mainstream music. She kicks off “OverSpilt” with the cheeky line, “Sim simma, who got da keys to the Benz and the bimma,” setting the tone for a track that’s both fun and thought-provoking.

Nay Speaks is more than just an artist; she’s a cultural force. A poet at heart, her words flow like a river, weaving tales that resonate deeply. Her willingness to be vulnerable through her art is a testament to her commitment to her craft and her audience. Her motto, “Words Speak Life,” beautifully embodies her dedication to the transformative power of language.

As we move forward, it’s clear that Nay Speaks is destined for greatness. Her ability to bridge the gap between entertainment and introspection is a rare find, and it’s one that we should all celebrate. Nay $peaks is not just a rising star; she’s a necessary voice for our culture, and we eagerly anticipate her journey to even greater heights in the music industry.

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PrettyKeez Releases New Single ‘HANDSOME’




PrettyKeez Releases New Single 'HANDSOME' miixtapechiick

We were first introduced to PrettyKeez in 2017 when she emerged onto the music scene with the launch of her 7-track project, Keez To My Heart. Following a deliberate pause, the talented rapper hailing from Dorchester makes a comeback with her latest single, titled “Handsome.”

Set against an infectious and rhythmically pulsating instrumental crafted by none other than ThugStage, PrettyKeez eloquently portrays herself as a diamond, singularly devoted to the pursuit of getting to the bag.

Watch her in the Nic Voilets-directed clip above.

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