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#MASSMondays: Spook Sleeezyyy, Q Philly, BoriRock, K!L



MASS. Mondays: Spook Sleeezyyy, Q Philly, BORIROCK, K!L

It’s Monday and it looks like we’ve returned to some type of normalcy. Governor Baker has lifted the stay-at-home advisory and curfews, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are in office and outside looks like fall. Seems like a good day to live in Massachuetts.

This week, we have new music from Spook Sleeezy, Q Philly, BORIROCK, K!L. Did I miss someone? Send your submissions to: hello@miixtapechiick.com to get featured!

Q Philly – “Mindstate of a Columbian” 

Screen Shot 2021 01 25 at 9.34.02 AM

After giving us “No Handouts” with 8 Zipp, Q Philly returns by his lonely for his latest offering, “Mindstate of a Columbian.”

Giving us bars over an instrumental that sounds like he’s running an infamous cartel, Q Philly reminds us that he’s built for this lifestyle and has never been the one to take a loss. “If you rat you can’t f***kin’ speak,/ especially these n***as rappin’ on these f**kin’ beats/ pardon me, no zig-zag in my f**kin’ g/ you can hit this drig drag, you don’t wan’ no puff wit me,” he spits.

Watch Q Philly in the VRTUPRESENTS-directed clip below.

Spook Sleeezy – “I Heard” ft. S550

Screen Shot 2021 01 25 at 8.37.35 AM

Spook Sleeezy‘s name may be new to some, but I’ve been following him for the last two years after his freestyle over Meek Mill’s “We Ball” and “Issues.” Though his project Welcome To The Jungle never saw the light of day, the rapper made up for it releasing, How to Get Away with Murder in 2019.

After staying quiet most of 2020, Spook returns with a visual to his latest single, “I Heard.” Directed by FNS Films, Spook taps on the services of S550 to address everyone spreading rumors and talkin’ shit.

Watch below.

BoriRock – It’s Me

0121 its me borirock 1000x1000 1

Giving us the official videos to “MOSHPIT” featuring Swipey, “BRUV” and “Exciting,” BoriRock returns with the release of his debut project, It’s Me. Over the 10-track effort, the Teflon Hoot masters the art of storytelling with the opening track, “For A Few Dollaz” along with the title track, “It’s Me.” Serving as my favorite record off the album, the Dorchester native not only sounds genuine but seems like he just wants his audience to learn from his experiences.

“Get locked up, feelin’ is depressin’,/’cause my older brother always cleanin’ up my messes/promisin’ my mother ain’t no need for her to stress and/ caught with the rubber grip, lawyer gon’ finesse it/Teflon who? Just got through/You still keep a rubber grip? Yes, I do./ Yes, I’ll shoot. & if I can’t get you, nigga, bet gang do.”

BoriRock’s It’s Me project features contributions from Reem Skully (“Hoot Skully”) and Dun Dealy (“24”).

Teflon f**kin’ Hoot, bitch.

It’s Me

Listen to It’s Me on Spotify. BoriRock · Album · 2021 · 10 songs.

K!L – Havard Square

Screen Shot 2021 01 25 at 9.22.28 AM

K!L never disappoints when he drops a record. Dropping his SEPARATION EP earlier this month, the FEARLE$$ Music Group artist returns with a visual to a record titled, “Harvard Square. A well-known tourist attraction out in Cambridge, K!L recalls living in the area, getting his money up, imitators, bitches on his body, and being uninterested in making new friends.

“In the city, call me Diddy how I’m makin’ bands.”


G Fredo Releases ‘Karma 2’



G Fredo Releases 'Karma 2' miixtapechiick

As we anticipate G Fredo‘s return, the Boston artist returns with his highly awaited project, Karma 2.

Following the success of his 2020 release, this sequel features 16 tracks with contributions from J Money, 7981 Kal, Illy Dee, Ek39, and more.

In an Instagram post, G Fredo expressed gratitude to his dedicated supporters, acknowledging their unwavering love and the pivotal role they play in his journey. Despite life’s inevitable challenges, he remains resolute, noting that adversity often paves the way for growth.

“First & foremost I wanna thank all my supporters for your unwavering love.. without y’all none of this would be possible,” G Fredo wrote in an Instagram caption. “I know things aren’t how they’re supposed to be, but sometimes in life we go through trials and tribulations to get where we’re heading.”

He concludes with a steadfast declaration: “When the smoke clears & the dust settles you’ll see I did everything I said I would do & stood on it firm.”

Stream Karma 2 below.

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Joyner Lucas Finally Releases New Album ‘Not Now I’m Busy’



Joyner Lucas Finally Releases New Album ‘Not Now I’m Busy’ miixtapechiick

After dropping “Best for Me” alongside Jelly Roll earlier this week, Joyner Lucas makes a triumphant return with his highly anticipated sophomore album, “Not Now I’m Busy.”

Serving as a successor to his acclaimed 2020 debut, ADHD, the Massachusetts native enlists contributions from Twista, NBA YoungBoy, Logic, Conway The Machine, the late legend DMX, and more across the 17-track effort. Anchored by the previously released singles “Seventeen” and “Sticks & Stones,” you can stream the project below.

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Nancia’s Queenality: An Ode To Female Empowerment Through Musical Fusion



Nancia's Queenality: An Ode To Female Empowerment Through Musical Fusion
Jay Hunt

Nancia, a distinguished R&B songstress hailing from the vibrant city of Boston, has once again graced the music scene with her third studio album, “Queenality.” The accolades that precede her, including singing the National Anthem for major baseball teams like the Boston Red Sox and San Francisco Giants, highlight the tremendous respect she commands in the industry.

Nancia’s musical journey is punctuated by hits like “Get Low” and “Never Going Back,” which have become anthems for her devoted listeners. These tracks showcase her versatile musical creativity, offering a rich blend of sultry vocals. Gracing the music scene with her third studio album,”Queenality” emerges as a celebration of feminine strength, confidence, and allure. The album takes a bold stance in promoting the idea of women embracing their queen personalities, exuding confidence, and reveling in their sexiness. In her commitment to empowering women through music, Nancia brings together a stellar lineup of collaborators, including StarGyal Trippy, ExitFame, Yaya Gabbana, and Ariella Royale.

In this regal musical journey, “Queenality” skillfully weaves together the harmonious threads of R&B, Hip-Hop, and Latin sound, creating a fusion that mirrors the diverse facets of Nancia’s artistic expression. The album stands as a testament to her ability to navigate various genres seamlessly, delivering a sound that is both contemporary and timeless.

Collaborating with a cadre of talented artists, Nancia ensures that “Queenality” is not just an album but a collective expression of female strength and solidarity. Each track is an anthem, resonating with themes of confidence, sensuality, and unapologetic self-love. StarGyal Trippy, ExitFame, Yaya Gannana, and Ariella Royale add their unique voices to this empowering narrative, enriching the album with diverse perspectives and styles.

The infusion of Latin vibes adds an infectious rhythm to the mix, elevating the listening experience and inviting audiences to sink themselves in the vibrant world of “Queenality.” Nancia’s commitment to showcasing the multifaceted nature of femininity, from strength to sensuality, is reflected in the diverse range of sounds and emotions encapsulated within each track.

As “Queenality” takes its place in the musical landscape, Nancia invites listeners to join her on a journey of self-discovery, confidence, and unrestricted joy. This album not only cements Nancia’s position as a musical queen but also stands as a rallying cry for women everywhere to embrace their own queen personalities and revel in the richness of their individuality.

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