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Ashanti and Keyshia Cole Will Face Off in Next VERZUZ Battle



Keyshia Cole and Ashanti

Earlier this week, Keyshia Cole revealed that she would participate in a VERZUZ, however, she did not state who her opponent was. As fans took to the comments their guesses, many thought it would be Ciara or Mary J. Blige.

After the paperwork cleared, VERZUZ took to their respective social media platforms that Cole would be going against Murder Inc’s first lady, Ashanti, who previously expressed interest in a VERZUZ battle back in May during an Instagram Live with Fat Joe. “Keyshia Cole, would that be a great one?” Fat Joe asked Ashanti. “Listen, if they want to see it. I ain’t mad,” Ashanti replied.

Cole, 39, took over the mid-2000s with her singles, “I Changed My Mind,”  “I Should’ve Cheated,” “Heaven Sent,” “Love,” and “I Remember,” while Ashanti, 40, held down the early 2000s with her debut single, “Foolish,” as well as “Baby,” “Rock Wit You,” “Only You” and “Rain On Me.” The singer is also responsible for penning and having background vocals on Jennifer Lopez‘s hit singles, “I’m Real” featuring Ja Rule and “Ain’t It Funny.”

Cole will be going head to head with Ashanti on VERZUZ via Instagram Live, Saturday, Dec. 12th, at 8 pm ET. 

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the paperwork is in !!!!!! @THEREALSWIZZZ What a night this going to be !!!! @ashanti vs @KeyshiaCole who you got ? @verzuzonline 👀👀👀 dec 12 8pm ET drinks by @Ciroc @applemusic


Rod Wave Reveals Why He Removed Himself Off Drake’s “Lemon Pepper Freestyle”




Last month, Rod Wave released his new project SoulFly. While on a promotional run for his sophomore effort, the Florida rapper stopped by Apple Music’s The Plug Radio where he revealed that he almost appeared on Drake‘s “Lemon Pepper Freestyle,” but scrapped it and now features Rick Ross.

“I was supposed to be on [‘Lemon Pepper Freestyle’],” he said, “but I didn’t like how my verse came out. So I kind of scratched it.” Rod Wave continues, saying the opportunity to be on Drake’s record psyched him out. “I didn’t like how my voice came out and you know with a Drake feature, you don’t want to…” he said. “It’s like my first thing, it’s a big deal, have to come with it…I kind of had got cold feet, so kind of shook me up a little bit. So I was like don’t worry about it.”

Rod Wave’s SoulFly project features 19 tracks with a lone feature from Polo G. While recording the project, Rod Wave told The Plug Radio that while having clearance issues with the label, he reached out to Drake to clear track no. 13, “OMDB,” which sampled Drake‘s Take Care LP-cut, “Over My Dead Body.”

“I had to text Drake and ask him,” he said. “It be really blowing me. It don’t feel real. He like, ‘Yeah bro, I got you.'”

SoulFly is projected to sell 140k units and land on no.1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 charts next week.

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Saweetie Addresses Elevator Incident with Quavo



Saweetie and Quavo Elevator Fight

Earlier this week, footage surfaced of Saweetie getting into a physical altercation with former boyfriend and rapper, Quavo, of Migos.

The viral clip, obtained by TMZ, shows Saweetie grabbing an orange Call of Duty case out of an elevator which then led to Quavo fighting her for it before pushing the “Best Friend” rapper to the ground. Saweetie remained on the elevator floor while Quavo looked at her without giving her a hand to get up. The elevator doors open with a man standing at the entrance, but doesn’t get it in. The elevator doors close again and it is assumed that it went to another floor as the doors open and Quavo holds the elevator for Saweetie to exit. Saweetie is then seen getting up and limping away.


According to Saweetie’s statement, the incident occurred last year in Saweetie’s then apartment complex in North Hollywood. Saweetie revealed earlier this month on social media that her relationship with Quavo had ended. In her statement, she reveals that the incident happened prior to the relationship and they had both reconciled and have since moved past it.

“This unfortunate incident happened a year ago, while we have reconciled since then and moved past this particular disagreement, there were simply too many other hurdles to overcome in our relationship and we have both since moved on,” said Saweetie. “I kindly ask that everyone respect my privacy during this time.”

LAPD is now investigating the incident and are looking to interview Saweetie and Quavo about the events leading up to the incident and the incident itself, according to TMZ. The fight may be considered a domestic violence case where both parties are deemed to be at fault. However, charges can be filed if the City Attorney is looking to press charges.

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Joe Budden Explains Rory and Mal’s Absence on The Joe Budden Podcast



the joe budden podcast

On Wednesday’s (March 24) episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, Joe Budden decided to address the elephant in the room – where’s Rory and Mal?

Reddit Recap Joe Budden Podcast

Starting at the 15-minute mark, Budden provided clarity about Rory and Mal’s departure stating that the two have taken some time off.

Whether they will return is uncertain, but Budden clapped back at fans who assumed that Ice and Savon, who have been temporarily co-hosting, would be permanent replacements.

“It ain’t just a work thing,” said Budden at the 27-minute mark. “So that’s my reaction when I see fans try to split up something that was built so carefully over the years. … The best thing you can do—is what I wish was granted to me when I was going through—is give time, time. Give everyone time to chill. … But truth be told—I said this in many of Joe verses—none of us are slaves to the audience. … No one owes anybody anything.”

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I’m not holding anyone’s Podcast masters 😭😭😩😩

According to Budden, tension had been building up for over several weeks between the trio and even fans began to notice. However, the former rapper made sure to make it clear that there was no beef. “Nobody has communicated a beef,” Budden said. “What they have communicated to me is something is wrong. Whether that be in our friendship, how we’re speaking to each other, the respect level.”

Parks also chimed in on what happens when you mix friendship with business.

“I been doing business with Joe Budden for a very long time,” he said. “I don’t come to you with business shit, because we have to keep doing shit…Other people should probably have somebody else to talk to you, or one of your professionals.”

Though things are different now, Budden reiterated that Rory and Mal are welcome to return to the podcase when they’re ready.

“I’ll eliminate some of the suspense,” Budden says in the beginning of the episode. “This is Rory’s seat, and this is Mal’s seat. Whenever they feel like returning to their seats, then they’ll return to their seats. And then what will happen is the same thing when your star player comes back to the team.”

Stream episode 425 below.

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