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#MASSMondays: Most High Kingdom, Kye Bills, Vanni Allan Poe, Dutch Rebelle + More



Just when we thought we were getting out of quarantine, the universe said pause. However, many of us are still pushing content regardless of what a mayor of governor tries to tell us (we’re still practicing social distancing though). This week, many artists have released music and it was almost hard to track them all. However, I did the best I could in highlighting all the brand-new releases that came out from our Massachusetts artists. Think I missed one? Email me: hi@miixtapechiick.com

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Album: Pada Esco – ‘Road Runner’


While I still think his last project Esco Season didn’t get the notoriety it deserved, Pada Esco returns a year later with his brand-new album, Road Runner.

His first project off the Road Runners label imprint, the “Loyalty over Love” rapper made sure to kick things off with a bang. Bringing us 11 tracks with the running time of 26 minutes, Esco taps on the services of Philly rapper, Kur, Boston’s own Looski, and Brooklyn native, Jay Gwuapo.

If you’re into drill music, this project is definitely the one for you.

Stream Road Runner below.

Road Runner

Listen to Road Runner on Spotify. Pada Esco · Album · 2020 · 11 songs.

Vanni Allen Poe – ‘The Cure’ EP

Screen Shot 2020 05 18 at 3.03.31 PM 1

In a time of quarantine and unanswered questions of the black lives we’ve lost (Ahmad Arbery, Sean Reed and Breonna Taylor), Vanni Allan Poe saw it fitting to releasing his EP, The Cure.

Coming off the success of his participation in Sylus Gamino’s “Killed or be Killed,” Vanni describes the 3-track EP as something of substance that we can feel in our souls. During his Instagram Live concert this past weekend, the “Love Me Now artist stated the following:

“I feel like the content on The Cure is that exactly. It makes you kind of reflect to yourself, look at yourself, what you can fix, you know, all that stuff,” said Vanni. “During this time, we all have to come out of quarantine a different person.”

Listening to The Cure, Vanni has a lot to say that many can relate to – whether it’s having to explain to your kids the unjust killings of black individuals, reflecting on past mistakes and trauma, unlearning what society has taught you, or simply, just starting over, there’s something on this project just for you.

Scheduled to release sequel at the end of week, catch up by listening to The Cure EP below.

Dutch Rebelle – ‘STONY’


Releasing “Big Zoe” last year, Dutch Rebelle makes her return releasing her brand new single, “Stony.”

Giving me “Cash Shit” vibes, Dutch Rebelle has the ladies in their bag on the INTL SHOW-produced track. Paying homage to the Set It Off character, Stony, played by Jada Pinkett-Smith, this is the perfect record to kick off the summer to and a must on your playlist if you’re looking to have a hot-girl summer (or at least trying to considering the circumstances).

“Watch when I pop out/ Pulling they cards like hallmarks/ They don’t ever pop out/Let them hoes hate, they all marks.”

Stream “STONY” from this lit little classy zoe below.

Triy – ‘Do You Think About Me’

Screen Shot 2020 05 18 at 3.07.51 PM

As we await the release of Triy’s forthcoming debut album, The Unexpected Journey, the singer treats us to his latest offering, “Do You Think About Me.”

During quarantine, relationships are being tested. On Triy’s new single, he questions his former lover whether or not she still thinks about him and apologizes for his past mistakes, regardless of the fact that she’s found someone new.

Would you do the same?

Stream below.

Most High Kingdom – ‘The Virus’

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(originally via Boston Hassle)

It’s no secret that artists have been forced to adapt to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Staying home trying to plot on their next move, many have had to figure their own ways of coping and keeping their audience entertained through Instagram Live concerts, quarantine-styled music videos, and surprise single releases.

Through these new ways of connecting with their audience from home, it’s become tough for some who have had a decrease in social interaction with others, and thus, bring on an amount of stress and anxiety as they think about what is next to come.

In order to combat those feelings, Most High Kingdom’s Milkshaw Benedict, Najee Janey, and $ean Wire with their new single, “The Virus,” where they encourage their listeners to not look at the quarantine as debilitating, but instead, an opportunity to combat their fears and get the ball rolling on the goals they’ve been stalling on.

“Adapt to our environment with our souls in alignment/We on divine timing bitch we ain’t ever dying/Quarantine me not possible/Face your fears and use what’s between your ears/ It’s still, stairs before chairs and that’s not optional,” Milkshaw Benedict spits on the opening of the verse.

Stream Most High Kingdom’s latest release “The Virus””below and revisit the group’s most recent projects: $ean Wire’s ‘DEAR’ project, Najee Janey’s ‘The Purple Earth Theory‘ EP and Milkshaw Benedict’s ‘A Boston Block Party.’

XNDRSOUND – ‘Bedside Convos’ EP


Known for his moody aesthetics, XNDRSound returns with his new EP, Bedside Convos.

Consisting of just “BREAK UP SEX” and “MY ENDS,” the Randolph native finds himself reminiscing about his last sexual encounter with his ex, wondering why they’re no longer together, check-ins, and hopes of finding each other again.

Stream below.

KAM’GEEZ – Money Callin’ ft. Pretty G G Pretty


After appearing on Sylus Gambino’s “Killed Or Be Killed” alongside 8Zipp and Vanni, Kam’Geez returns with his new single, “Money Callin’.”

Tapping on the services of Pretty G G Pretty, Kam’Geez makes his audience aware that the streets aren’t gonna love you no matter how strong your loyalty is. With his back against the wall, Kam’Geez weighs his options and has never been the type to decline a call when money’s involved.

KAM’GEEZ also recently paid tribute to is good friend Sabrina who passed away a year ago yesterday with “SAB SZN.”

Stream the two tracks below.

Kye Bills – ‘For Real’

maxresdefault 4

Following the release of his “Quarantine Freestyle” last month, Kye Bills returns with the official video to his latest single, “For Real.”

Simply put, Kye Bills tells exactly what he’s about. Not a liar, isn’t scared of anyone, is quick to put a tool in your face, and just isn’t the one for games.


G Fredo Sentenced to Nine Years In RICO Case



G Fredo Sentenced to Nine years

In June 2020, G Fredo, born Michael Brandao, was of one of the 31 individuals arrested and charged in federal court on RICO conspiracy and conspiracy to distribute and to possess with intent to distribute controlled substances.

In June of 2022, the ’34 Baby’ entered a guilty plea on all both charges, alongside Hamma Thang and 7981 Kal. Seven months later, G Fredo returned to the John Joseph Moakley U.S. Courthouse to learn his fate.

On Wednesday, Jan. 25, G Fredo was sentenced by U.S. District Court Judge Leo T. Sorokin to 108 months (nine years) in prison with 32 months of time served, according to a press release by the Department of Justice. G Fredo was previously facing up to 40 years in prison and a $1.2 million fine. He is expected to only serve four years.

“Brandao was an active and violent member of the NOB gang who personally committed and supported multiple violent crimes on behalf of the gang,” the press release reads. “The Court determined that Brandao was responsible for an attempted murder and took it into consideration at sentencing.”

The press release continues with the following: “Specifically, in November 2018, an individual was shot multiple times with a .40 caliber pistol in broad daylight near their residence in New Bedford; this individual survived their injuries.” Additionally, according to court documents, Brandao actively facilitated, promoted and furthered the criminal activities committed by the NOB gang in various ways, including. by publishing recordings and videos boasting about violence he and the NOB gang committed, bragging about his personal participation in gang violence, threatening rival gangs and intimidating witnesses.”

Last week, HSM’s Hamma Thang was found not guilty on murder charges stemming from the 2018 death of then 24-year-old Kelby Ramos. Hamma Thang and 7981 Kal are scheduled to face a judge for their charges on RICO conspiracy in the coming months.

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G Fredo’s Sentencing Date on RICO Conspiracy Finally Announced



michael brandao g fredo

Earlier this week, we exclusively reported that HSM’s Hamma Thang was found not guilty in the 2018 murder of Kelby Ramos. As the month continues to move along, HSM’s G Fredo will be sentenced this coming week after being arrested back in June 2020.

G Fredo, born Michael Brandao, was of 31 individuals arrested and charged in federal court on RICO conspiracy; conspiracy to distribute controlled substances; and possession with intent to distribute controlled substances. In June of 2022, the ’34 Baby’ entered a guilty plea on all three charges, alongside Hamma Thang and 7981 Kal.

According to G Fredo’s mother via an Instagram post, G Fredo is scheduled for his sentencing hearing on Wednesday, January 25, at 2:30 PM. She has invited friends and family to come and support.

G Fredo faces up to 40 years in prison, six years of supervised release and a fine of $1.2 million if he is sentenced to the fullest extent of the law.

According to the Department of Justice, “the charges of RICO conspiracy and committing violent crimes in aid of racketeering each provide for a sentence of up to 20 years in prison, three years of supervised release and a fine of $250,000; charges of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances and possession with intent to distribute controlled substances each provide for a sentence of up to 20 years in prison, three years of supervised release and a fine of $1 million.”

Earlier this week, G Fredo’s management dropped a new record titled, “Win.” The record is set to appear on Fredo’s forthcoming mixtape, FRIZZBLOCK.

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G Fredo Releases New Single ‘Win’



G Fredo HSM

Earlier this week, it was announced that HSM’s Hamma Thang has be found not guilty in the 2018 murder of Kelby Ramos. As we await the sentencing for HSM’s G Fredo and 7981 Kal, G Fredo holds fans down with a new release titled, “Win.”

Set to appear on G Fredo’s forthcoming mixtape FRIZZBLOCK, the record is Fredo’s first release of the year after dropping 2022 project, Karma (Deluxe).

Stream below.

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